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7 key skills new grads are lacking

Just came across this excellent article that so truly outlines why new grads are not a good fit for large enterprise IT systems.  The key skills that make you a desired hire by any enterprise IT organization.

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Wli 9.2 JPD does not get Deployed – Failed to Configuration Backend Error

Please check the ProcessTypeProperties.xml ( location DOMAIN_HOME/wliconfig) of every managed server whether there is an entry “Service URI: ” for the jpd that is mentioned in the ProcessNotFoundException. If there is no such entry, you should undeploy and then deploy your application. If this does not help please remove all terminated/completed and aborted processes using …

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WLI purging forever

Recently we experienced a strange issue on one of our clients’ Weblogic Integration domain. From Weblogic Integration console, when we were trying to purge process data, it was always showing a RUNNING state and didn’t allow us to trigger the purge process. After observing the phenomenon for several weeks, we realised the issue. The root …

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To App or Not To App

I remember back in 90s many of my friends including myself used to have a folder in our PC named softwares or something similar. The purpose of the folder was to hold zillion types of desktop softwares; mostly freewares or sharewares. Situation is much different today. With the huge rise of the Web, everything is …

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Being social is now easier

Its been few weeks since we launched the Incepta site. The blog page has arrived late for many reasons; primarily for our reluctant attitude towards it. But not any more! Incepta blog page will be running and rolling in regular, frequent interval from now on. We charter that. Because we are coming to the community …

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