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APIs and Business Strategy

In the world where digital transformation is at the forefront of organizational strategies, whether a company has a core technology focus or is in its early stages of leveraging technology, APIs are increasingly at the heart of their digital strategies. What is an API...

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Open API Strategy in HealthCare

The story of open interfaces began at the start of the 20th century with AT&T opening up their telephone interface to let other telephone companies communicate with its optical fibre network. This created one of the first continental information systems and led...

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For Developers

DataWeave function chaining for Java programmers

This article is an excellent guide for Java programmers looking to convert code containing method chaining to similar DataWeave code with reference to Java 8 lambda expressions and also convert from Java Streams into DataWeave chaining. Read the full article at...

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Mule Runtime Security Patching on CloudHub

Here is the latest security release path from MuleSoft. Starting this month i.e. January, 2020, MuleSoft has implemented a new automated process that will update runtimes in CloudHub that applications are using to the latest service pack version (also known as a date...

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AWS Lambda & Serverless Architecture

Serverless architectures refers to applications that significantly depend on third-party services known as Backend as a Service or “BaaS”. Do not be misled by the name as it does not actually involve running code without servers. The name “serverless...

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Anypoint Visualizer 101

This article covers the details of Anypoint Platform’s latest tool (Anypoint Visualizer) for visualizing the Application network and their dependencies and analyze their performance. The article covers the features, Use Cases and Examples of the Anypoint Visualizer....

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News & Insights

How is the COVID pandemic re-shaping our lifestyle?

Recently, our lives have taken a sudden and serious turn towards digitization. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing hasn’t left individuals with any other feasible options. While we are sitting at home, we are developing a strong sense of reliability...

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Tips and Tricks of Working from Home

Impending economic crisis being created by the COVID-19 pandemic is completely changing the landscape of how businesses work. There is no question in mind that we will not be going “back to normal.” Today IS the new normal for the unforeseeable future. This brings us...

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The Power of the Collective @Incepta

With the Covid-19 virus pandemic escalating into higher stages in different countries, the whole world is implementing major shut down and social distancing policy. Public places like malls, theaters, gyms etc. have been shut down to banish public gatherings, schools...

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Official Statement for COVID-19 @InceptaS

Recently, there has been an escalation in the severity of COVID-19 within Canada. We at Incepta understand the importance of this issue and are taking matters seriously in order to combat exposure to the coronavirus. We are aiming in to protect ourselves, friends,...

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Whitepapers & Case Studies

SmartConnect – The Multi-Device Connectivity Platform

We are at the juncture of a technological revolution that has put APIs or Application Program Interfaces at the forefront of innovation. APIs are effectively tools to connect applications to other applications without the need for human intervention. This essentially...

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