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  • Controlling the COVID-19 Spread in Canada
    on April 3, 2020

    Incepta’s take on a Technology-driven Epidemic Control & Alert System We have all seen that manual contact tracing procedures are not fast enough for the new coronavirus, as the virus spreads at a far rapid pace that we can keep up with. Without having a contact tracing and notification mechanism that is instantaneous, we will

  • How is the COVID pandemic re-shaping our lifestyle?
    on March 31, 2020

    Recently, our lives have taken a sudden and serious turn towards digitization. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent social distancing hasn’t left individuals with any other feasible options. While we are sitting at home, we are developing a strong sense of reliability on digitized, online tools. This is a process that has been delayed for several

  • The Time for Automation is Now!
    on March 30, 2020

    We can only survive through this pandemic with the aid of technology The current COVID-19 crisis has negatively affected thousands of people worldwide, throwing the entire economy in doldrums. It is not only a health crisis of a global proportion but also the issue of how permanent changes will be made to the face of

  • Tips and Tricks of Working from Home
    on March 26, 2020

    Impending economic crisis being created by the COVID-19 pandemic is completely changing the landscape of how businesses work. There is no question in mind that we will not be going “back to normal.” Today IS the new normal for the unforeseeable future. This brings us to a new question- how do we protect our businesses

  • The Power of the Collective @Incepta
    on March 23, 2020

    With the Covid-19 virus pandemic escalating into higher stages in different countries, the whole world is implementing major shut down and social distancing policy. Public places like malls, theaters, gyms etc. have been shut down to banish public gatherings, schools and colleges have been shut down. Based on the guidelines issued by WHO, we at

  • BEWARE OF THESE SPAM EMAILS: Covid-19 pandemic provides a new hack for cyber criminals
    on March 17, 2020

    Covid-19 pandemic provides a new hack for cyber criminals There has been a steady rise amongst spam emails linked to Corona virus recently. Security experts have stated this to be the worst possible cyber threat in a long time.  Individuals along with industries have been subjected to these fraudulent campaigns on their computer screens. Emails

  • Smart Hospitals – An Insight into Healthcare Infrastructure Automation
    on March 12, 2020

    In the wake of a technological revolution hitting the healthcare sector, automating the healthcare industry is perhaps as urgent as it is difficult. A number of questions and problems plague them who look for solutions which results in a huge expenditure every year. The mother problem seems to be stemming from proper inter systems communications

  • Open API Strategy in HealthCare
    on February 21, 2020

    The story of open interfaces began at the start of the 20th century with AT&T opening up their telephone interface to let other telephone companies communicate with its optical fibre network. This created one of the first continental information systems and led other countries to follow suit and allow international telephone calls.  The next such

  • How API led Strategy can help drive Smart Building Sustainability
    on January 19, 2020

    By building an API driven strategy for Smart Buildings, the builder community can start laying a foundation for data storage, data sharing, analytics of all sensory data related to environment and energy consumption. This access to raw data has the potential to become a revenue generator for third party products and companies looking to use

  • Mule Runtime Security Patching on CloudHub
    on January 7, 2020

    Here is the latest security release path from MuleSoft. Starting this month i.e. January, 2020, MuleSoft has implemented a new automated process that will update runtimes in CloudHub that applications are using to the latest service pack version (also known as a date patch) whenever a vulnerable library or component is discovered within the Mule

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