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How Incepta helps companies outline their IT roadmap for Digital Transformation

Bridging the Digital Divide with a Customizable IT Roadmap for Business Transformation The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, prompting organizations across all industries to prioritize digital transformation for sustained growth and market leadership. However, a recent study by Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, reveals a critical challenge. Large enterprises, in […]

Future of Employee Experience at the 6th EX Summit in Toronto

Insightful Journey into the Future HR Experience! We recently sponsored the 6th Employee Experience Summit in Toronto along with Workato, an insightful journey into the future of HR. Engaging with HR experts and participating in enlightening sessions, we gained valuable perspectives on intelligent HR automation, evolving Employee Experience, and strategies for thriving workplaces. The 6th […]

Incepta at the 6th Annual Employee Experience Summit!

The 6th Employee Experience Event in Toronto, Ontario We’re thrilled to announce that Incepta Solutions will be attending the 6th Employee Experience Event on Tuesday, June 20 & Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario as a proud gold sponsor alongside Workato. Join us as we explore the future of employee experience and […]

Unlock Payment Modernization using MuleSoft Payment APIs 

Are you a financial institution looking to improve customer experience, offer new products, and save costs? Read how Payment Modernization can help you achieve more with fewer resources.

Implement Automation in Printing Industry to Increase Revenue

A case study on automation in printing industry leveraging systems integration to increase revenue and decrease printing costs to survive the changing landscape.

Panel Discussion: API Security Risks in Open Banking 

Read key takeaways from the API Security Risks in Open Banking event Incepta hosted on Thursday, 2nd March 2023 along with MuleSoft and Noname Security.

Panel Discussion: Open Banking Implementation in Canada 

Read key takeaways from the API Security Risks in Open Banking event Incepta hon Thursday, 2nd March 2023 along with MuleSoft and Noname Security.

Why consider process discovery before embarking on automation?

Learn how Process Discovery can help you save money by identifying inefficient processes, removing bottlenecks, and speeding up automation.

Why CIOs Need to Prioritize Intelligent Process Automation

This blog post talks about the challenges CIOs are facing and how Intelligent Process Automation can help you overcome them.

Accelerate automation with AI-driven Automated Process Discovery

In this blog post, you will learn how to use HubSpot and Slack integration for automated sales deal creation and management.