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Workato RLCM: A Guide to Streamlining Your Integration Development and Deployment.

Workato RLCM, a tool for transforming integration efficiencies. Imagine a world where your integration recipes could flow seamlessly between development, testing, and production environments. A world where y...

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5 Easy Steps to Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

A step-by-step method to connect SAP S4 HANA to Workato. Read on and follow the steps for easy integration. As API integration and automation are gaining steam, more and more developers are looking for w...

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How to change App Connections at Runtime in Workato Recipes

This blog post by Incepta technical team explains the step-by-step method to change the app connections at runtime. While creating a Workato recipe, developers need to think about actions, triggers, and conn...

Process Discovery
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Accelerate automation with AI-driven Automated Process Discovery

Strategic Business Automated Process Discovery Businesses worldwide are embracing automation to make their business processes more efficient and to add to their bottom line. The very first step towards this ...

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How to Use HubSpot Slack Integration for Deal Management

Learn to use HubSpot Slack integration for marketing and sales automation: As businesses are embracing technology, enterprises are coming up with new apps for employees to make them more efficient. Most big ...

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Incepta Solutions Sponsors Workato Automate 2022

Toronto, October 6th, 2022 – Incepta Solutions sponsored a well-attended and successful Workato Automate 2022 at the Convene, 201 Washington St, Boston on October 4th, 2022.   The event was attended by th...

Automated Lead Generation
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Automated Lead Generation using Slack and Indeed

Lead generation is an essential activity for every business to sustain growth. If you want your sales team to stay busy selling then you need to put in efforts to generate quality leads continuously. That’s whe...

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Improve employee experience with HR automation recipes

HR automation recipes and custom connectors In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how Incepta Solutions, an award-winning automation consulting and advisory firm, uses Workato Custom Connectors to ease...

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Create Workato Recipes using Best Practices [With Examples]

List of best practices with examples to create, maintain and use Workato Recipes: Workato Recipes are automation of manual business processes. A Workato recipe is a set of one or more actions and a trigger. ...

Security Compliance
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Data Security Company Uses Workato Integrations to Grow

Build Workato data integrations Connect to various applications and services Workato development, testing, test support, and UAT support The client wanted to build over 100 Workato data integrations for variou...