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transforming Human Resources?
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How AI is transforming Human Resources?

Where to use Artificial Intelligence Merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Resources can help improve the overall employee experience. Incorporating cognitive thinking in HR processes such as onboardin...

Intelligent Machines
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6 Steps to Cognitive Automation Success

Cognitive capabilities Almost half of the enterprises implementing RPA in the next six months will be doing so with RPA solutions that offer cognitive capabilities. But just as the processes you can automate us...

robotics technologies
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Its meaning and Impact on Our Lives

The Industrial Revolutions The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second used electric power to create mass production. The Third used electronics and informatio...

Breakthrough Technologies
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Breakthrough Technologies Of 2018

  10 technology advances   Dueling neural networks. Artificial embryos. AI in the cloud. Here is the annual list of the 10 technology advances we think will shape the way we work and live now and for years to...

: Digitization of Paper-Based Processes
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Digitization of Paper-Based Processes

Paper Use and Expenses Decades after computers were supposed to end paper-based business, we’re still at it, using documents to send and receive information and act as proxies in business processes. It&#8...

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Goodbye CONNECT 2018

Maker:S,Date:2017-3-3,Ver:6,Lens:Kan03,Act:Lar02,E-Y Mulesoft CONNECT 2018 Our team is back from Mulesoft CONNECT 2018. It was an amazing two day event with industry experts from across the globe. We got to he...

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How to budget smartly for digital transformation

As we think digital transformation is important to your organization we want to provide some tips for budgeting smart for digital transformation. We all know budgeting is a big constraint in digital transformat...

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To App or Not To App

I remember back in 90s many of my friends including myself used to have a folder in our PC named softwares or something similar. The purpose of the folder was to hold zillion types of desktop softwares; mostly freewares or sharewares. Situation is much different today. With the huge rise of the Web, everything is running off the cloud now; from word processing to utilities for daily life like alarm clock and alerts.

Over last few years mobile devices has gone too far in our daily life. Whatever used to be done on PC, now being done on the device. Its like re-inventing the old wheel once again and spinning it off on a smaller, sporty car. Devices are now full of apps of different size : small, medium, large. Our devices are becoming a warehouse of applications just like our old PC used to have.