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Incepta Winning Attitude (IWA) Awards – Creating a Difference

Incepta takes steps to support Local Businesses in Canada Apart from serious implications on people’s health, the novel Coronavirus has created huge economic & social turmoil; industries, businesses, and people have been forced to adapt during the crisis. Regular...

World Environment Day

2020 began with environmental crisis all around- cyclones and floods, locust attacks and the coronavirus pandemic are calamities that act as a reminder that human health is intrinsically linked to the planet's health. We must now fundamentally rethink our relationship...

Mental Health Week May 04 – 10, 2020

Many studies have shown that social connection and social support are factors that protect and promote good health. Being social isn’t just fun for us, it actually makes us healthier! However, during COVID, it has been difficult to see friends and family due to social...

Incepta’s Donations to Daily Bread Food Bank

COVID-19 is changing our everyday lifestyles in a drastic way. Some of us have the privilege of working from home during this pandemic, while other front-line workers must expose themselves to the public to keep essential businesses afloat. One of the biggest...

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