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ctiveMQ in AWS
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Mule 4 Integration with ActiveMQ in AWS

Integration with ActiveMQ ActiveMQ is message-oriented middleware open-source protocol that is developed by Apache. Its basic function is to send messages between different applications. Amazon managed the i...

Case Studies Success Stories

Data Integration and Management Strategy for a Leading Company

Comprehensive Data Integration Summary Incepta helped plan and develop a 360 degree data management and reporting strategy for a global company which had more than 50 brands under their belt. The strategy...

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Case Studies Digital Transformation Success Stories

eHealth RMS – Automated Appointment & Reminder Management System for the Healthcare Industry

The Importance of Reminder Systems in the Healthcare Industry Reminder systems in the healthcare industry serve a crucial role for managing appointments and helping patients avail timely treatment. Missed appoi...

Measuring productivity
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Measuring productivity of a workforce

Measuring efficiency The advent of automation and artificial intelligence will require a prequel in every organization that wants to undertake an automation journey – the need to determine what is dis...