New Blogging Style

While browsing the internet for the latest news in the sphere of digital transformation, we thought of the recent posts in the company’s blog, as well as the direction that the company wanted to take in w...


Mule Programming Style Guide: a Simple Main Flow

We loved the recent article from MuleSoft discussing suggested etiquette of coding. While the occasional crunch time and busy hours are somewhat of a standard in every office, Incepta being no exception, it is ...


JSON logging in Mule Applications: Best practices around logging

Posted by Andres Ramirez, from Mulesoft Logging is arguably one of the most neglected tasks on any given project. It’s not uncommon for teams to consider logging as a second-class citizen and it is usu...


MuleSoft Summit – Toronto 2018

Incepta is delighted to attend this year’s MuleSoft Summit in Toronto on July 17, 2018.  It is a one-day event to get actionable insights from MuleSoft experts and customers on how to: Respond to in...


How Machine Learning is Used in Companies

Machine learning is headed for a major growth spurt. After ticking past the $1 billion mark in 2016, the machine learning market is expected to hit $40 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Research and...


MuleSoft CONNECT 2018

Incepta is very much excited to join MuleSoft CONNECT this year. MuleSoft CONNECT 2018 will be held in the heart of downtown San Jose at the McEnery Convention Center. San Jose is the host for some of the ...


Impact of AI In The Next 20 Years

There was a time when AI seemed to belong to a world of fantasies. Movies showed us a remote future where machines and robots emulated human interactions, and the latent fear of them turning against humanity wa...


Three Breakthroughs That Have Unleashed AI on the World

Found a very good article on three breakthroughs naming Cheap parallel computation, Big Data and Better algorithms while searching the internet on future of Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can read it here&...


Why MuleSoft Anypoint Plarform is the G2 Crowd iPaaS Leader

Recently Anypoint Platform has been named the G2 Crowd iPaaS Leader for 2018. G2 Crowd determines Leaders based on customer satisfaction and market presence, so people who actually use Anypoint Platform ar...

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Is there Any Difference Between Social Media and Digital Marketing?

There is a great article written by Alex Chris, an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant on the difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media. Many people think that by engaging on social m...