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5 Easy Steps to Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

A step-by-step method to connect SAP S4 HANA to Workato.

Read on and follow the steps for easy integration.

As API integration and automation are gaining steam, more and more developers are looking for ways to connect different applications. Sometimes it is straightforward and sometimes it is not.

Organizations use SAP S4 HANA, an ERP tool, to store and analyze daily transaction data. If you are looking to connect SAP S/4 HANA to Workato then follow the detailed, step-by-step method listed below along with screenshots.


SAP S4 HANA does not allow trial accounts to connect to their systems. Hence you will need a paid account with the SAP Cloud platform.

Although this may sound complicated at first, however, we have the perfect alternative for this bottleneck. You can call the SAP S4/HANA API Business Hub. The response will be trial dummy data. To use the API hub, follow the steps listed here- Use the API Business Hub for SAP.

5 Easy Steps to Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

After generating the SAP S4/HANA API Key as mentioned in the link above, follow the steps listed below to connect SAP S4 HANA with Workato.

#1) In Workato, under choose a new app section, select HTTP.

Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

#2) Select a name for the request and click on the guided setup

Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

#3) In the request URL section, give the URL for the SAP Business Hub API and click next.

Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

#4) In the second step, add a request header. Set the header name as “APIKEY” and put the saved API key that we got from SAP as the value. Then send a request.

Connect SAP S4 HANA and Workato

#5) Monitor the response. If it returns 200 and the dummy data, then the connection is established.

For further information, you can follow the documentation that is provided in the API reference here.

In this article, we assumed that the reader has experience working with the Workato interface.


Developers looking to connect Workato with SAP S4/HANA can follow the five easy steps listed above. We have included step-by-step instructions along with screenshots to make it easy to follow the process.

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