Incepta Solutions enables businesses to secure their systems by detecting vulnerabilities in applications using comprehensive testing methods with vulnerability detection at various stages of the development life cycle.

Smart Cybersecurity Solutions

Identify Threats, Ensure Reliability The increase in automation and digital transformation can leave your applications vulnerable to cyberattacks. Incepta Solutions partners with clients to mitigate cyber risks by identifying security threats, protecting critical information, automating compliance and safeguarding against cyber-attacks. As a result, Incepta Solutions ensures that our clients feel confident in our ability to keep their operations secure.

Comprehensive Protection Incepta Solutions uses a preventive and progressive approach to help clients address potential threats. This allows our clients to focus on the requirements of business while assisting their own customers first. From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services and managed security services, Incepta Solutions provides a high level of protection against cyber criminals

Creating business value

Managed Security and Response Services Incepta Solutions helps you protect against cyberattacks by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning techniques to collect, analyze and correlate threat data that provides insight into attack risks. Our services include Threat Management,Vulnerability Management, Compliance Management and Security Device Management.

We discover security flaws in end points, user behaviour, network and application. Our 24×7 monitoring & continuous analysis helps detect threats, including system policy changes and compliance violations. This leads to countering threat incidents on time, manage breaches, and eliminates the root cause of attacks. Incepta Solutions saves your business time, prevents the loss of revenue, and protects your brand identity. Incident Response Our Incident Response and Intelligence Services cover the entire incident investigation cycle to completely eliminate the threat to organizations. Our cyber incident response and remediation services prevent and identify intrusions as well as eliminate security breaches. Our team of experts reduce incident response time, minimize breach impact, and help your business recover faster. Infrastructure & Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Incepta Solutions tracks endpoints, users, and their network activity to identify suspicious behaviour, patterns and signatures that may be indicative of cyber threats. We follow up with elaborate and actionable context so you can take immediate action. Advanced Threat Protection Incepta Solutions offers advanced threat protection services that promptly identify attacks and alert clients, enabling quick mitigation. Application, device, mobile and network penetration testing and remediation aids in evaluating and taking offensive measures against IT infrastructure vulnerabilities. Our retrospective security analysis helps organizations to investigate the full extent of a cyber-attack and evaluate appropriate remediation measures. Cyber Security Risk Assessment Services Our team of experts works with organizations to help develop risk management strategies for an effective IT risk management program. A cyber risk assessment is important in building an information security program. Risk management and risk assessment activities will take into account people, business processes (information handling), and technology.

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