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In this digital world, businesses are struggling to manage data. Use your data to generate deep insights and take intelligent business decisions.


Data Management Services

Incepta Solutions uses the power of data management tools to enable effective data capturing, cross-linking, and retrieving data from different systems to drive business growth.

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Our Data Management services include


Data Warehouse Architecture

We design high-performance data warehouses that integrate seamlessly with diverse data sources. Leverage cutting-edge technologies for efficient ETL processes, real-time data streaming, and robust storage solutions.

Data Pipeline Architecture

Our experts craft efficient data pipelines that ensure the smooth flow of data from origin to destination. We understand your specific needs and recommend suitable technologies and best practices for optimal performance and scalability.

Data Modeling

Design and implement robust data models that empower informed decision-making. Our meticulous approach helps streamline operations and drive sustainable growth by unlocking the true potential of your data.

Database Design

Our tailored database design solutions perfectly align with your unique needs. We create efficient databases that enable seamless data integration, storage, and retrieval for faster access and improved data organization.

Data Governance

Establish a comprehensive framework to effectively manage, protect, and optimize your data assets. We ensure data quality, integrity, and compliance through well-defined policies, processes, and guidelines. Facilitate efficient data classification, access controls, and lifecycle management to empower data-driven decision making with confidence.

Data Integration Architecture

Analyze your data sources and applications to develop a customized integration strategy. Leverage our expertise in cutting-edge technologies to enhance data movement, transformation, and synchronization across your systems. Ensure seamless data flow for effective decision-making.

Data Lake Architecture

Our team designs scalable and flexible data lake frameworks that efficiently handle diverse data types for smooth integration and accessibility.

Data Automation & Orchestration

Automate repetitive data tasks and free up valuable resources. Design and implement sophisticated data workflows that seamlessly orchestrate data movement, transformation, and analysis. Focus on high-value tasks and accelerate innovation with cutting-edge automation solutions.

What Do We Offer

  • Informatica-powered BI & ETL Strategy

    Incepta Solutions delivers Business Intelligence (BI) and ETL services powered by Informatica to address industry-specific challenges for organizations.

  • Data Management Services

    Using Data Management Services you can assimilate, capture and analyze data quickly to gain data-driven insight and make informed business decisions.

  • Complete Data Warehousing Solution

    Incepta provides complete Data Warehousing solutions comprising Data Warehouse planning, implementation, migration, testing & support for efficient DWH operation. 

  • Data Migration & Backup

    Incepta provides Data Migration and Backup services tailored for bulk data movement from multiple disparate data sources and formats.

Case Studies

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What are Connected Experiences and why do you need them

Learn what Connected Experiences are and the barriers and enablers to creating the connected customer experience.

Data Migration, Validation, and Reporting for a Major Retailer

This case study explains how Incepta Solutions helped a major retailer with Data Migration & Validation using Extract Transformation and Load.

API-led Connectivity to Automate Distribution Network in CPG

How to use MuleSoft API-led Connectivity approach to Automate Distribution Network and Ordering System in the CPG Industry.

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Why Incepta Solutions?

Incepta Solutions, recently awarded as one of the top 5 fastest-growing IT companies in Canada on the Growth 2020 List, is your one-stop solution for all digital transformation services.

We provide application development and strategic consulting to organizations across North America, LATAM, and MEA regions needing business automation, cloud transformation, data management, cybersecurity, customer 360, and integration services.

  • costumized-solutions

    Driven by Innovation

    Our global cross-functional team collaborates with you to develop innovative solutions using the latest technology and proven expertise across key industries

  • full-stack-services

    Full-stack Expertise

    Incepta offers a comprehensive suite of services across digital transformation, integration, RPA, data management, cloud strategy, cybersecurity, and more.

  • center-of-excelence

    Center of Excellence

    Our Center of Excellence team continuously enhances competence on key partner platforms to provide innovative solutions to our esteemed clients.

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    Cutting-edge Tools

    Incepta provides integration and automation solutions using cutting-edge integration tools like MuleSoft, Workato, Automation Anywhere, AI, and ML technologies.


Teamwork. Collaboration. Success

Incepta is a proud partner of Gartner and Forrester-recognized tech leaders, ensuring premier services for clients across diverse domains with top-tier solutions.

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