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Using statistical and predictive analytical tools, Incepta helps organizations make confident decisions, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to customer demands & drive operational efficiency.

Achieve unprecedented business gains working hand in hand with our predictive analytics company

Data Science


Turn Customer Experience into your Competitive Edge

Does your organization have massive & confusing volumes of structured/ unstructured data from different sources?

At Incepta we leverage data, statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to help our clients extract actionable insights from diverse data sets generated in real time and at a large scale. These help in answering our clients’ vital questions about how likely are customers to buy their products or which marketing strategies would yield the best results

Incepta facilitates companies in creating a comprehensive and integrated environment that can be used for predicting new market opportunities and help in anticipating customer behaviour. This in turn influences business
outcomes thereby boosting conversion and revenue, revealing new market opportunities and help in strategizing efforts to boost ROI.

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Use Case

Power Your Data with Accurate Data Science and Predictive Analysis Services

Incepta leverages a whole range of analytical tools to capture data to comprehend the existing structure in an organisation and offer consulting services and defining  strategies to infrastructure maintenance and support, enabling our clients to get key insights from previously untapped data assets foroperational excellence and maximum ROI.

Data strategy consulting

Leverage our big data consulting services to evaluate your current operational performance and define a strategy roadmap that helps you capture your data and convert it into revenue opportunities.

Data preparation

Turn raw data into high-quality inputs for analysis and data management by converting data into a unified format.

Data Analysis

Take timely action and better decisions by accelerating your time to insights using breakthrough business intelligence, statistical and predictive analytical tools to drive operational efficiency.

Data Visualization

Gain 360-degree visibility into your data with interactive reports that make analytics easier, more transparent and actionable.

Data Monetization

Gain insights from the holistic data that is captured to gain insights to predict customer behaviour and improve overall business performance, improve customer satisfaction and define new growth opportunities.


Data Insights

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