Incepta Solutions helps businesses with their e-commerce strategies, custom implementations, and cloud integrations.

We help online retailers identify the right technology set to achieve greater market reach and efficiency by connecting multiple in-house and 3rd party systems, achieving 100% automation.

Our team of experts develop e-commerce platforms through our innovative Shopify Studio that enables businesses to grow their virtual retail space.

Your e-Commerce Action Plan with Incepta Solutions

Every business is unique, which is why we work with organization’s to map out everything — from catalog management, pricing matrix, TPL integrations, cloud based accounting app configurations, POS system integration and developing customized solutions and marketing plans.

The Incepta Solutions 3 Step Process

  • Experience Audit:

    The Incepta Solutions Experience Audit is the perfect starting point for organizations looking to get a deeper understanding of their online e-Commerce performance measured against competitors and global benchmarks. The output provides a detailed report on opportunities and quick wins that can be implemented immediately.

  • The 3 Month Growth Strategy:

    Our 3 month growth strategy puts knowledge into action with a clear and accountable plan for growth. We work in closely with our clients for a 3 month period to transform the business. During this period, we look at:

    • One view of all e-Commerce initiatives across the organization’s team and partners
    • Prioritization of big opportunities and quick wins
    • Clear timeframes and demarcation of ownership of assigned tasks
    • Define e-Commerce goals for all stakeholders
    • Pivot plans according to tests and market conditions
  • Project Delivery:

    Our project delivery methodology ensures that strategic projects are led with experience to ensure that the solution engages the organization’s customers and ensures returns on their investment for their business.

Incepta Solutions Shopify Studio

Our innovative e-Commerce studio specializes in Shopify strategies, custom implementations and integrations with third party cloud apps to enterprises worldwide.
Incepta Solutions helps businesses by developing and executing their Shopify strategy. At Incepta Solutions, we:

  • Define your needs and goals to put e-Commerce at the centre of your business
  • Prioritize customers by identifying users and present features that matches with the customers expectation
  • Reduce risks by avoiding technological hurdles and pitfalls so that your organization can feel confident in a product or business launch
  • Start selling faster by leveraging our experience with technology and e-Commerce strategies to sell on Shopify more effectively
  • Grow your business through customer driven strategies that helps increase sales volume, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies in the first three months after launch

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