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At Incepta Solutions, our team of #InceptaInnovators is passionate about developing the bridge between people and operations, as we create stories that we can all be proud of.

Since our inception in 2010, we are recognized as trusted experts in providing digital services to global businesses. We are proud to be named one of the top 5 Information Technology companies in Canada on the Growth List 2020 (published by Canadian Business and MacLeans). In addition, we are humbled to be recently certified as a Great Place to Work.

Our full suite of digital services includes:
Cybersecurity | Integration | Digital Transformation
Data Management | Cloud Strategy | Customer 360

Digital transformation often requires a cultural change in an organization to continuously challenge to the status quo. For some businesses, it can take a lot of trial and error to successfully incorporate a variety of digital technologies into their business operations. In some cases, businesses are afraid to make big digital changes out of a fear of failure – this is where Incepta Solutions comes in. At Incepta Solutions, our team specializes in digital transformation for businesses of any scale. Our team helps organizations incorporate digital technology throughout their operations to deliver value to their customers.

Incepta Solutions is equipped with the knowledge of leading-edge technologies in the IT industry. We strive towards innovation and excellence through optimized use of technology. From basic web analytics to heavy duty caching architecture, Incepta Solutions has got you covered.

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Our Mission

At Incepta Solutions, we provide business solutions that solve challenges and enable future growth and success for all of our clients. We leverage industry-leading technologies to provide innovative solutions that are robust, of premier quality, and cost-effective.

Our Vision

In our growth journey, our goal is to become a global leader in digital transformation and enterprise solutions. We enable businesses all over the world to solve complex and critical integration challenges. As #InceptaInnovators, we hope to look back at these times on how we have helped global brands and enterprises achieve success. Our driving force is that one day, we are able to reflect on our shared journey and be proud of the stories we have created together.

Our Values

Client-first Commitment



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Incepta Solutions is a certified Great Place to Work, operating with leading-edge technologies in IT and high-tech industries to provide the premier automation and integration solutions to clients. We modernize legacy applications and create new digital products to help our clients solve complex problems and digitally transform their operations. Incepta Solutions has recently been named as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies on the Growth 2020 List. With our growth, we are looking to add multiple #InceptaInnovators to our team. Visit our careers page to learn more!

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