MPA Scoring System: Track your MuleSoft Integration Journey 

Introducing MPA – The MuleSoft Platform Assessment Score that maps and evaluates your Mule integration journey.

70% of digital transformation fail due to absence of right tools, processes and people. The MPA scoring system helps you track if your MuleSoft integration journey is on the right trajectory to success!

Find your MPA score today

The MPA Scoring System

MuleSoft Platform Assessment Score or MPA is a revolutionary scoring system for organizations adopting MuleSoft to understand gaps, evaluate current readiness, assess risks and pinpoint areas of improvement for executing a successful MuleSoft integration program. 

The MPA score is computed by evaluating 100s of factors covering Infrastructure Assessment, API Design, API Security and adherence to API Integration best practices and standards.

The score is in a scale of 1 – 100 with detailed scoring of each design and development category, which allows you to identify problem areas, potential risks and steer your MuleSoft integration process in the right direction.

Incepta – The MuleSoft Experts

Incepta is a certified MuleSoft development and integration company that provides a complete range of MuleSoft development services. Our expert MuleSoft developers provide enterprise-level integrations that work within the client’s current database which allows them to achieve result-driven solutions.

Our MuleSoft experts adapt to processes and streamline them by using a rich library of pre-built APIs and integration templates. The experienced MuleSoft developers and consultants at Incepta help with seamless integration using secure APIs working tirelessly to grow your business and make it more efficient.


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