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Focus on the biggest value proposition with Incepta Automated Performance Evaluation

Eliminate manual effort in performance evaluation with Automated Performance Evaluation

In today’s dynamic workplace, employees crave performance evaluations that not only offer improvement tools but also acknowledge their positive impact. This, coupled with the limitations of traditional systems, has sparked a revolution: automated performance management, which led to the genesis of Incepta Automated Performance Evaluation solution. Our AI-powered solutions address the inherent bias and time-consuming nature of manual reviews, providing objective assessments and nuanced insights into employee engagement, retention, and motivation.

Research paints a compelling picture: automation yields significant time savings for employees (50% less on self-evaluations), managers (80% less on reviews), and HR (90% less on managing the process). This thorough analysis covers performance highs and lows, skillsets, competencies, development areas, goal progress, and completion rates. This data-driven approach facilitates accurate calibration of ratings, informed succession planning, strategic compensation allocation, and tailored development plans.

Our Mission: Transforming Performance, Engaging Organizations

Our mission is to showcase the continuous benefits of automated performance evaluation, positioning it as a cornerstone of ongoing employee improvement. Our aim is to:

Educate HR professionals on the compelling statistics and transformative impact on organizations.

Demonstrate the cost savings and potential for increased engagement and productivity.

Open doors for further automation opportunities beyond performance evaluation.

The benefits achieved with Incepta Automated Performance Evaluation Solution extend far beyond efficiency. By automating reviews, managers can redirect their focus from writing to actively managing and developing their teams. HR, freed from the administrative burden, can realize additional efficiency gains. Numbers tell the story: companies spend approximately $35 million per year on reviews, with managers dedicating an average of 210 hours annually. Automation translates these hours into millions saved and hundreds more dedicated to strategic initiatives.

Introducing a Revolutionary Solution: Beyond Evaluation, Strategic Insights

Our cutting-edge automated performance evaluation system is a revolutionary solution designed to transcend the limitations of traditional performance management. It employs advanced artificial intelligence and automation technologies to address the challenges inherent in outdated review processes. By eliminating biases through AI-driven assessments, our system ensures fair and objective evaluations.

But it’s not just about efficiency:

1. Significantly streamlines tasks, saving companies millions in expenses and freeing up over 200 hours per year for managers.

2. Fosters’ continuous performance feedback, a proven catalyst for higher engagement and productivity, aligns with the 72% of respondents who believe feedback improves their performance.

3. Seamlessly integrates with existing HR processes, providing a user-friendly interface for both managers and employees.

4. Goes beyond mere evaluation, offering a comprehensive 9-box taxonomy that strategically places employees based on performance and potential, addressing the need to identify high-potential employees as reported by 66% of companies with continuous performance management.

Steps of Incepta’s AI-based automated and customized performance evaluation solution:

Automated Performance Evaluation

1. Manager Assessment:

People: Managers receive an automated evaluation questionnaire comprising 43 questions assessing performance, values alignment, and future relevance.
Bot Interaction: Bots analyze responses, scoring them based on the 9-box matrix for potential and performance.

2. Teammate Career Experience Survey:

People: Teammates participate in a survey evaluating 22 facets of their work experience.
Bot Interaction: A bot interprets survey results, identifying positive and negative sentiments expressed by teammates.

3. Custom Presentations for Managers:

People: Managers receive custom presentations highlighting strengths and areas needing attention for each team member.
Bot Interaction: A bot generates tailored insights and strategic actions based on manager assessments and career experience surveys.

4. Quarterly Schedule Distribution:

People: Managers receive a quarterly schedule outlining interventions and actions.
Bot Interaction: A bot optimally schedules manager actions derived from the assessments and surveys.

5. Integration with HR Software:

People: HR professionals access a centralized platform for performance data.
Bot Interaction: A final bot loads custom presentations and information into the HR software (Workday), or chosen communication channel.

This seamless integration of human input and bot-driven automation ensures a comprehensive, unbiased, and efficient performance evaluation process, addressing the challenges prevalent in traditional methods. The system utilizes data-driven insights, creating a continuous improvement loop that fosters a culture of growth and excellence within the organization.

Benefits of Automated Performance Evaluation:

Now, let’s explore how organizations can leverage AI-based bots within the Incepta Hire 2 Retire framework to transform key HR functions:

1. Elimination of Bias:

Challenge: 95% of HR leaders feel unhappy with traditional performance reviews due to inherent biases.

Solution: Our automated system employs AI to assess performance, eliminating bias and providing objective evaluations.

2. Efficiency Gains:

Challenge: Managers spend an average of 210 hours annually on performance management activities.

Solution: Our automated process drastically reduces time spent, allowing managers to focus on strategic tasks, contributing to an 80% time-saving.

3. Employee Engagement and Retention:

Challenge: 29% of organizations face issues with employee engagement.

Solution: Continuous feedback, facilitated by our system, significantly improves engagement, leading to 38% higher productivity and 14.9% lower turnover rates.

4. Improved Collaboration:

Challenge: 86% of employees and executives cite poor collaboration as a reason for workplace failures.

Solution: Our system promotes collaboration through continuous feedback, fostering a culture of open communication and teamwork.

5. Alignment with Employee Goals:

Challenge: 59% of employees believe traditional reviews have no impact on personal performance.

Solution: Our system aligns individual goals with company objectives, making the evaluation process purposeful and impactful.

 6. 9-Box Taxonomy Integration:

Challenge: Traditional systems struggle with identifying high-potential employees.

Benefit: Bots utilize the 9-box model to strategically position and identify high-potential individuals, aiding in succession planning and talent development.

Incepta Automated Performance Evaluation redefines performance management, paving the way for a more agile, employee-centric, and forward-thinking organizational culture, aligning with the 97% of Gen Z open to receiving feedback, the 75% who find it valuable, and the 67% who desire it throughout the year.

Ready to join the future of performance? Let’s discuss how our automated evaluation system can transform your organization.

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