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Definition of HRTech, without the jargon

HR technology (human resources technology), referred to as HRTech, is an umbrella term for software and associated tools for automating the human resources function in organizations. It includes talent acquisition and talent management, benefits administration, employee payroll and compensation, performance management, engagement metrics, and workforce analytics and reporting.

The Solution

Enter #InceptaHRTech™

No two HR apps handle data the same way through their APIs. Further, as a feature, nearly every HR app allows for custom fields. And when you give HR professionals custom fields, they tend to use them.

Therefore, the majority of HR data integrations require some degree of customization. To perfect HR data integration, you must have a platform that allows for unlimited data mapping transformations and unique business rules.

Data integration using a Workato solution shares data in near real-time between HR apps.

Data integration allows HR professionals to avoid the soul-crushing drudgery of manual double-data entry. Rather than chiseling out records again and again, data integration allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic things that create added value to their company.

Whether a simple FTP integration or a complex orchestration between multiple applications with data transformations, Workato has all the tools you need. Quickly build and manage integrations as they come – prebuilt design makes it easy for less technical resources across your organization to maintain the integrations.


Improve your HR team’s productivity by avoiding double data entry between systems.


Enable teams to effectively plan, centralize, and control a variety of processes critical to the decision-making process.


Provide reports in real time with instant sharing of data allowing an organization to see the full picture.


Attract and retain quality talent.


Easily integrate workflows and automate repetitive tasks.


Unlimited flexibility that easily handles the complex requirements of HR data integration.

Common Use Cases

Our Workato Consulting services can help your organization in the following areas

  • Onboarding
  • Identity Management
  • New Hire Data (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Time Management
  • Payroll Data
  • Employee Updates

“Instead of spending 34 hours onboarding a new employee, it took us just two hours. Our time spent provisioning accounts and granting our employee access was way faster.”

HR Director, Multi-national Company (Retail)

Snapshot Integrations

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HR Process Automation to finding interview slots

Let’s dive into a simple HRtech recipe using Workato that can showcase how automation can scale up some of the daily tasks of our HR teams

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