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How to Use HubSpot Slack Integration for Deal Management

Learn to use HubSpot Slack integration for marketing and sales automation:

As businesses are embracing technology, enterprises are coming up with new apps for employees to make them more efficient. Most big firms now have 120+ apps across various departments. Sometimes such efforts may backfire and employees struggle to juggle so many apps instead of being more efficient. 

That’s where integration between apps comes in handy. One such extremely useful integration is between the collaboration tool Slack and HubSpot CRM. HubSpot CRM enables integration with over 200 apps. HubSpot and Slack integration can be used for various tasks such as-

  1. Get HubSpot notifications in Slack
  2. Create, update or view HubSpot tasks from Slack
  3. Use Slack commands to get information from HubSpot
  4. Improve conversational marketing strategy
  5. View HubSpot contacts from Slack

And much more! Our #InceptaInnovators have created another such use case for HubSpot and Slack integration.

HubSpot Slack Integration

In this blog post, you will learn how to use HubSpot and Slack integration for sales deal creation and management.

Before proceeding with the automated deal creation and management outlined below, you will need to integrate the two apps. If you need to know how to integrate Slack with Hubspot, check this article.

How to use HubSpot Slack Integration for Deal Creation Automation

Often companies ask prospective customers to fill out online forms and promise that a sales rep will reach out to them in a jiffy. But the reality is totally different. 

Sales team members are so occupied with manual entries in dozens of sheets, tracking emails, and managing CRM entries that all such prospects (and potential customers) are lost as competitors reached out to them sooner than your team did. The sales team has valid concerns about many hurdles they are facing such as – 

1. Getting valuable insights on a prospect takes time.

2. Sales team did not get a notification about the new leads/prospects.

3. It takes too long to communicate between various teams in the company. 

In our deal creation automation solution, all such issues have been addressed. In this Workato recipe, when a prospect fills up a JotForm, an acknowledgment email is sent to him/her confirming the form submission along with a meeting link to schedule a discovery call with the assigned sales personnel. 

At the same time, the concerned sales personnel is notified about the new inquiry via Slack DM. The prospect information shared via the Slack channel contains additional information automatically fetched from RocketReach.

All the above steps are automated and triggered upon the form submission by the prospect. This automation saves a lot of time, improves communication between team members, and hence reduces the cost and increases the deal conversion rate. It also automatically gathers additional data on the prospect and stores it making it easier for the sales rep to initiate the conversation.

You can see the entire automated process flow for the Workato recipe in the diagram below-

Deal creation Flowchart
Deal Creation Flowchart

The step-by-step process is listed below-

  1. Prospect submits a JotForm on the company’s website.
  2. Send an acknowledgment email (a thank you note) to the prospect.
  3. Get additional details about the prospect from RocketReach.
  4. Pass on the prospect to the Sales team via Slack channel and email.
  5. A sales team member can choose one of the 3 options right from the Slack channel
    • Create HubSpot Contact
    • Create HubSpot Deal
    • Archive the information (in a Google sheet)
  6. Update the new lead in Hubspot by creating a new contact or deal
  7. Send another email to the prospect from the deal owner’s email id with a link to schedule a discovery call. 
  8. Notify the assigned member (deal owner) about the prospect via email, and tell him/her to check HubSpot/Slack channel.

The deal creation automation Workato recipe eliminates all the hurdles and makes it quick and easy for the Sales team enabling them to initiate contact with the prospect in less than 5 minutes of the initial trigger of form submission by the prospect. The benefits are obvious-

  • The sales team gets all the information needed to proceed without moving a finger.
  • All communication and actions can be taken from a single app Slack without losing focus.
  • Improved communication between teams leads to better conversion rates.
  • Auto creation of HubSpot deals from Slack (no need to visit HubSpot).
  • Deals in HubSpot are stored in a consistent manner resulting in data consistency.
  • Auto addition of storing prospect information in an archive (optional).

How to use the HubSpot Integration with Slack for Deal Management

As seen in the above scenario, the automation bot is triggered when a prospect fills out a form online. Similarly, we have another automation solution that triggers when a sales team member fills a form from the Slack channel. Let’s see how this recipe works. 

In this recipe, when the sales team registers a deal via Slack, an email is sent to the assigned sales representative to schedule a discovery call with the prospect.

First, a member of the sales team fills up a form in Slack providing information about a prospect and relevant HubSpot deal creation fields. Additional information about the prospect is automatically fetched from the RocketReach app. The information is then shared in the Sales Slack channel, and the channel members can create a HubSpot deal directly from Slack. 

If the HubSpot deal is created, an email is sent to the person to whom the deal is assigned (deal owner), asking him/her to schedule a discovery call. The deal owner may choose to send an introductory email to the prospect with just the click of a button in his/her personal Slack channel or schedule a reminder for later. See the workflow in the diagram below-

Deal Management Flowchart
Deal Management Flowchart

The step-by-step process is listed below-

  1. The sales team member chooses between the options – Create Contact or Create Deal and fills out the appropriate form with the details of the prospect.
  2. The automation bot creates the deal or contact in the HubSpot MarTech app. If the option selected is to create a deal then the bot fetches additional details from RocketReach.
  3. An email and a Slack direct message are sent to the deal owner along with prospect details and a meeting link to schedule a delivery call. 
  4. The deal owner gets the option to decide if he/she wants to send a follow-up email to the prospect or wants a reminder later on. 
  5. If the deal owner wants to send the email an automated email is generated and sent. If he/she wants a reminder, the bot provides an option to select the date and time for the reminder and create an event in the Google calendar for the deal owner. An automatic reminder is sent to the deal owner via Slack DM on the day of the event.

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