Loyalty program for Retail Business
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Incepta’s Loyalty Program Reinvents Customer Engagement for Retail Business.

Elevated Customer Loyalty Program: Incepta’ Tailored Approach

This case study is about how our tailored Loyalty Program solution revolutionized customer engagement and streamlined operations for a renowned retail brand, the challenges faced by our client, and how Incepta Solutions, with its innovative approach, transformed their loyalty program.

Our client, a leading retail business group with a vast network of department stores, sought to revitalize one of their Brand Rewards programs. The program had been facing a decline in participation and was struggling to provide the value that customers were seeking. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive transformation, Incepta Solutions harnesses hyper automation and digital solutions to revamp its loyalty program.


The primary goal was to rejuvenate and optimize the client brand’s Loyalty Program. This encompassed addressing the following key objectives:

  • Revitalize and optimize the Loyalty Program to increase customer participation.
  • Enhance the overall value proposition for customers to meet their evolving expectations.
  • Streamline and automate repetitive tasks associated with loyalty program management.
  • Standardize and reconfigure processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in program operations.

Incepta’s Core Responsibilities: Providing professional services team to create APIs for the source system, integrating downstream systems, deploying on the MuleSoft Anypoint platform, assisting the QA team with comprehensive API documentation, and developing APIs for external partners.

The Client
  • A renowned Canadian retail business group, a historic retail giant with roots dating back to 1670.
  • Originating as a fur trading business contributed significantly to Canada’s development.
  • Operates nearly 239 department stores in Canada and the United States.

Our client was a Canadian retail business dedicated to seamlessly combining its long history with a modern touch, offering varied shopping experiences for customers across North America.

  • Loyalty programs faced reduced customer engagement.
  • The program struggled to deliver perceived value to customers.
  • Challenges in managing and customizing loyalty campaigns.
  • Bottlenecks in the existing loyalty point calculation system.

Additionally, our client program encountered issues in optimizing API response time, necessitated improvements in call center support and sought enhancements in website user experience. These challenges prompted the need for a comprehensive transformation to revitalize the loyalty program.


We addressed our client loyalty program challenges by leveraging Incepta’s expertise in MuleSoft development.

Resourceful Integration: The client engaged Incepta’s MuleSoft Professional Services team to create Mule APIs for the source system, integrate downstream systems, deploy on the Anypoint platform, assist the QA team with comprehensive API documentation, and develop Mule APIs for external partners.

Mule API Structure
Mulesoft Solution Diagram for Loyalty Project

Mulesoft Integration Approach: We adopted an API-led connectivity approach using MuleSoft, fostering the creation of usable APIs. This approach streamlined the fulfillment of requirements by providing reusable APIs, significantly improving efficiency and meeting various needs effectively.

Collaborative Development: Our developers actively engaged with the client’s architect to review and refine the proposed solution. Through constructive discussions, a mutual agreement was reached on the implementation, ensuring alignment with the client’s unique requirements. The implementation of the solutions included the creation of 57 APIs some of which are mentioned below 

  • POS Lookup
  • Loyalty Enrollment 
  • PIN Management
  • Customer Profile
  • OMS Integration 
  • Point Management, Transfer and Refund
  • Partner Channel Management
  • Conversion Management
  • Event History 
  • Various ETL APIs

Technology Used:

  • MuleSoft Integration Platform 
  • AWS MSK (Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka) 
  • EagleEye Loyalty Platform 
  • IBM Order Management System (OMS) 
  • Oracle Database, and DynamoDB
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
  • Tulip Retail Platform

Industry: Retail Business


As a result of the project, the client’s perspective on their issues underwent a positive transformation.

  • The deficiency in the previous system, lacking the capability to run custom campaigns, has been rectified in the new system.
  • The older system encountered timeout issues when users attempted purchases with loyalty points. The new system has successfully addressed and resolved these issues, focusing on optimizing API performance to ensure a smoother transaction process.
  • The new system’s point engine is notably more versatile, incorporating additional interactive features for users, and enhancing the overall engagement and functionality of the loyalty program.

Implementing the revamped loyalty program brought forth substantial improvements for our client. These key outcomes include:

  • Enhanced API Response Time: The new system significantly improved API response time compared to the older one, ensuring a more efficient and rapid interaction for users.
  • Dynamic Loyalty Point Calculation Schema: A new loyalty point calculation schema was introduced, optimizing the process and offering users a more dynamic and rewarding experience.
  • Campaign Customization Control: Our solution allowed the client to exercise greater control over campaign setup and customization, providing a more tailored and effective approach to loyalty program initiatives.
  • Improved Customer Support: By implementing the new system, our client experienced an improvement in call center support, reducing complaints and ensuring a smoother customer service experience.
  • Elevated User Experience: Enhancements to website navigation, responsiveness, and overall functionality resulted in a more seamless and enjoyable interaction for users.

Incepta’s developers excel in crafting integration solutions, demonstrating a remarkable ability to implement solutions from scratch swiftly. Coupled with the consolidation of point engine calculations and customer data through MuleSoft integration, this project showcases our proficiency in delivering impactful and user-centric solutions. This not only benefited our client but also holds implications for similar projects across different industries.

Ready to transform your loyalty program into a dynamic powerhouse? Incepta’s expertise in MuleSoft integration and innovative solutions can redefine your customer engagement strategy.