Incepta Nominated as Rising Partner at MuleSoft Connect AI
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Incepta Nominated as a Partner Rising Star at MuleSoft CONNECT AI Event.

Incepta Solutions’ AI and API Innovations Earn Partner Rising Star Nomination at MuleSoft CONNECT AI

We are thrilled to announce that Incepta Solutions has been nominated under the Partner Rising Star , Americas category at the MuleSoft CONNECT AI event. This recognition underscores our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in integration and automation for our clients.

Highlights from the MuleSoft CONNECT AI Event

AI in the Enterprise

AI is revolutionizing enterprise operations. Generative AI’s ability to handle diverse queries and tasks is significantly boosting employee productivity and enhancing customer experiences.

Why is this so significant? Enterprises typically rely on over 1,000 distinct systems, making seamless integration a challenge. Effective AI integration ensures access to comprehensive, accurate data, turning predictions into actionable business outcomes.

AI breaks down data silos, streamlines operations, and creates more intelligent, responsive, and agile business environments. This transformative power positions AI as an essential asset for enterprises looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Innovation Roadmap

MuleSoft’s product strategy session revealed key features aimed at advancing technology and AI integration:

  • AsyncAPI Support: Facilitating advanced asynchronous communications.
  • Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder: Enhancing developer productivity.
  • Actionable API insights for API Management: Driving informed decision-making.
  • Anypoint Flex Gateway: PDK: Providing flexible deployment options.
  • MuleSoft and Flow actions: Enabling streamlined workflows.
  • Einstein for Flow: Automating complex processes with AI.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP): Revolutionizing document handling through AI.

Additionally, MuleSoft’s unified platform connects, automates, and secures applications for AI success. It focuses on building a future-ready foundation, intelligent tooling, secure AI experiences, and AI agent actions, ensuring businesses are well-equipped to harness the power of AI.


Salesforce CIO Insights at MuleSoft CONNECT AI

Juan Perez, Salesforce CIO, shared invaluable insights on how Salesforce leverages MuleSoft, Einstein, and Slack to boost productivity and innovation. By achieving 3x deal velocity with real-time data and generating $100M in annual automated revenue with self-service, Salesforce exemplifies the transformative potential of these technologies.

Modernization Journey

The modernization journey session at MuleSoft Connect AI highlighted lessons from MuleSoft customers on transitioning away from legacy platforms. Key takeaways from included:

  • Legacy infrastructure challenges: 1 out of 3 IT leaders see it as a top challenge.
  • APIs driving revenue: 33% of business revenue comes from APIs.
  • The role of GenAI: 85% of IT leaders believe GenAI will be prominent in their organizations.

“Data is the oil, AI is the engine, and MuleSoft is the vehicle” – this powerful analogy perfectly encapsulates the event’s core message.

Incepta Solutions’ Role and Contributions

“The World of AI is a world of APIs”

Since 2017, our journey with MuleSoft has been marked by numerous successful projects and a steadfast commitment to excellence. From integrating complex systems to automating processes, we have consistently delivered value to our clients, achieving a 96% client retention rate.

Innovation and Integration

At Incepta Solutions, we leverage MuleSoft’s platform to create innovative integration and automation solutions. Our projects demonstrate MuleSoft’s potential to transform business operations and enhance efficiency.

Generative AI has shown exceptional skill in responding to various questions and commands. But how do you leverage these advancements to improve employee productivity and customer experience? As Salesforce puts it, “AI is only as good as your data quality and data integration.” Our comprehensive integration strategy aligns with this principle, unlocking important context so that any AI model is grounded in the correct data precisely when needed. This ensures AI delivers meaningful insights and drives effective actions.

Integration and automation are central to our mission, enabling a secure, powerful AI that empowers employees and improves customer interactions. By connecting and automating data across multiple systems, we ensure AI models produce valuable outputs based on fresh, accurate, and comprehensive data. This strategy is crucial in a complex environment where the average enterprise relies on over 1,000 distinct systems.

Looking Ahead

We are excited about the future and our continued partnership with MuleSoft. Our goal is to keep driving innovation and supporting our clients in their digital transformation journeys. By adopting a secure, reliable, and unified foundation with integration, automation, and universal API management, we ensure that AI can create exceptional customer experiences and drive productivity.


Being nominated as Partner Rising Star at the MuleSoft CONNECT AI event is a testament to our hard work and dedication. We are grateful to MuleSoft for this recognition and to our clients for their longstanding trust and support. Together, we look forward to achieving even greater heights.

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