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Incepta Process Xplorer Solution for Real Estate Regulatory Body

Incepta’s Process Xplorer Solution – Case Study

This case study explains how Incepta Process Xplorer solution powered by Automation Anywhere helped one of its real estate clients to better understand its business processes, find ways to improve them, and make its operations more efficient.

Our real estate client had to learn more about its business processes and identify areas where they could make improvements. Incepta was selected for this project to employ the innovative solution of process discovery, to enable a deeper understanding of their business processes, identify areas for enhancement, and optimize their operations.


The primary objective was to streamline and enhance the processes within the case hearing department. This involved the following key goals:

  • Process Optimization
  • Improvement in Business Process Discovery
  • Improving the efficiency of repetitive tasks that were a part of the department’s daily operations.
  • Reconfiguring various processes that were not only time-consuming but also lacked standardization.

Incepta’s Core Responsibilities: Introducing and facilitating the adoption of process discovery, supervising data collection, and mapping processes, providing technical expertise, offering strategic guidance, and ensuring collaborative success.  

The Client
  • The regulatory authority governing the real estate industry
  • The organization oversees licensing, addresses complaints, and enforces disciplinary actions within the real estate sector
  • Government regulatory body dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Ontario’s real estate industry by regulating licensing and enforcing ethical and legal standards.

Our client was a Canadian real estate regulatory body dedicated to upholding ethical and legal standards in Ontario’s real estate sector. They oversee various aspects such as licenses, complaints, and disciplinary actions.

  • Repetitive, manual tasks causing inefficiency in the Hearing Department
  • Time-consuming, non-standardized processes and bottlenecks.
  • No centralized data integration, leading to redundant data.
  • Redundant steps in tracking case updates and applications

Our client wanted to understand its internal processes, especially in the hearing department, and find ways to improve and automate them. The organization wanted to make its operations more efficient while still following all the rules.


We proposed using the Incepta process xplorer solution, an AI-powered tool, to help our client identify and map its business processes. It works by recording and analyzing user interactions with software to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks.

Efficient Data Capture: Sensors were deployed on computers

  • Used by 4 identified users
  • Over 30 days
  • Recorded 176,000 events, including keystrokes, mouse clicks, and screen interactions.

Comprehensive Process Mapping: The collected data enabled the creation of detailed process maps, shedding light on existing business processes and resource utilization.

Identifying Automation Opportunities: Meticulous data analysis identified areas ripe for automation. Automation templates were recommended for non-cognitive tasks, like email communication, saving time and resources.

Process Standardization: Recognition of redundant steps in tracking case updates and application updates led to the suggestion of process standardization, streamlining operations.

Technology Used: Incepta Process Xplorer powered by Automation Anywhere, Privacy Enhanced Gateway (PEG), and Sensors deployed on client machines using Microsoft Azure

Industry: Real Estate, Regulatory Body


By partnering with Incepta Solutions, our client achieved its goal of enhancing business process understanding and identifying automation opportunities.

Incepta Process Discovery
User Stats on How much Time spent on Events and Apps.

Incepta Process Xplorer
Process Map with Automation Score

The implementation of the Incepta Process Xplorer Solution delivered several specific benefits to our client:

  • Multiple applications captured redundant data, prompting the recommendation for centralized data integration, enhancing data consistency, and reducing redundancy.
  • Automation templates for non-cognitive tasks, such as email communication, were advised, resulting in operational efficiency.
  • Identification of redundant steps in tracking case updates and application updates, along with the suggestion for process standardization, led to smoother and more standardized operations.
  • 2 processes were earmarked for automation, resulting in time and resource savings, while 3 others were reconfigured for improved efficiency.

Incepta Process Xplorer is one intelligent tool that acts as a smart assistant for your business. It keeps an eye on how your work gets done and finds ways to make it better and faster. This helps your business run smoother and do more with less effort. It covers the full automation journey, encompassing discovery, automation, and optimization, to automate both front and back-office processes and coordinate work among human-bot teams.

Build automation intelligently for your business and achieve process transparency with speed and accuracy with Incepta Process Xplorer Solution powered by Automation Anywhere.