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A comprehensive AI-powered process intelligence tool to decode your processes for streamlined automation and optimized excellence at scale.

Not all business processes needs to be automated! Choose the right ones! Avoid rework and failures!


Optimize your Processes, Save Cost!

Are you struggling with process inefficiencies, spending months on manual process discovery, and grappling with the challenge of understanding your complex business operations?

Incepta Process Xplorer delivers automated intelligence reports within 4-6 weeks, offering insights on strategic automation applications to enhance processes, reduce costs, elevate customer or employee experiences, and pinpoint process deviations and high-efficiency teams.

What's in the Incepta Process Xplorer Toolbox?

  • Advanced Computer Vision

    Utilize cutting-edge Computer Vision and AI technologies to capture detailed user information across various applications, providing a granular view of business processes.

  • Intuitive Process Visualizations

    We offer clarity, depicting intricate workflows for easy understanding, analysis, and optimization of processes, promoting efficiency and improvement.

  • Comprehensive Process Intelligence

    AI-driven analysis unveils patterns, trends, and deviations, pinpointing automation opportunities for enhanced operational efficiency and performance.

  • Secure Private Gateway

    We guarantee cloud security by scrutinizing PII in screenshots, redacting before acceptance, and ensuring data privacy.

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How Incepta Process Xplorer Works

Xplorer - How it works

Unlock Intelligent Automation with Process Intelligence, Now!


Discover. Automate. Scale.

  • Financial Services

    Enhance risk management, ensure timely regulatory submissions, and fortify process controls, such as BSA AML / KYC.

  • Healthcare

    Enhance patient flow and the quality of healthcare. Simplify the processing of claims, issuance of policies, and underwriting.

  • Life Sciences

    Expedite clinical trials, enhance adherence to GCP/GMP standards, and optimize pharmacovigilance (PV) and adverse event (AE) reporting.

  • Human Resources 

    Streamline employee onboarding, expedite training and professional development, and enhance staffing and shift management.

  • Finance

    Speed up financial closure and consolidation, automate procure-to-pay processes, create purchase orders efficiently, and improve compliance.

  • Customer Service

    Accelerate resolution times, simplify returns processing, and become more responsive to customer inquiries.

Process Xplorer vs Traditional Process Discovery

Xplorer Comparison Graph

 Enhance process efficiency by up to 50% with Incepta Process Xplorer 


How PX can help you

  • Learn Processes

    Quickly grasp how things work, make changes smoothly without causing issues. Find ways to make tasks better or automatic easily.

  • Attain 100%

    Develop an accurate, impartial view of company-wide processes, revealing inefficiencies, optimal routes, and reducing automation time.

  • Securely Expand Scalability

    Digital improvements company-wide via scalable cloud design, handling significant data volumes from diverse devices with privacy safeguards.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Accuracy

    Utilize AI and cloud scalability for precision, ensuring a secure, holistic grasp of automation priorities through data-driven insights.

Achieve process transparency with speed and accuracy with us!

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Ditch the Manual Grind, Embrace AI-Powered Process Discovery with Incepta Process Xplorer. Request a demo today!