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Construction industry is facing many challenges

  • Lack of Alignment

    Construction companies work with many small and medium-sized contractors and suppliers lacking alignment among stakeholders.

  • Worker Safety

    Worker safety is paramount in the construction industry. Ensuring proper safety measures and processes is a big concern.

  • Rising Costs

    The rising cost of materials, equipment, machinery, and transportation is creating additional challenges for the construction industry.

  • Unskilled Workforce

    Lack of trained and skilled labor causes delays in construction projects creating additional challenges for the construction industry.

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Our Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions for Construction Industry

  • Smart Construction

    Our flagship product Veora provides IoT-based construction solutions like site monitoring, IoT device management, building control, notification system, etc. 

  • Compliance Management

    Automate preparation, management, and uploading of reports needed for regulatory audits, compliance, and checkpoints.

  • Back Office Automation

    Automate manual, repetitive, and high-volume back office processes to streamline operations and eliminate errors.

  • Accounts Receivable

    Automate the Accounts Receivable (Order to Cash) process from ordering to fulfillment, shipping, and payment processing.

  • Accounts Payable

    Using RPA, you can automate Accounts Payable processes such as creating vendor accounts, collecting, processing, and paying invoices.

  • Building Management

    Integrate building controls with the notification system. Improve performance, and reduce maintenance spending.

Benefits to bank on

How technology can help you build better buildings

  • Better Quality

    Human errors can be reduced by using digital tools in construction engineering and architecture tasks. Technology can help draft accurate designs and build better quality buildings.

  • Increase Productivity

    Technology can help improve productivity by optimizing planning, payment, designing, and other construction operations enabling human resources to be employed in more technical jobs.

  • Improve Safety

    By employing high-tech devices such as laser scanners, laser distance meters, IoT-enabled sensors, etc. for hazardous jobs you can improve the safety of your construction site. 

  • Better Collaboration

    Digital transformation provides a shared data environment, improving collaboration between subcontractors and suppliers in a construction supply chain and speeding up the workflow.

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