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CPG and Retail Industry is struggling with

  • Disjointed Shopper Experiences

    Research shows that majority of consumers are frustrated with disjointed experiences damaging the brand images.

  • Inaccurate Product Availability

    Poorly designed systems and processes and lack of integration between data sources show inaccurate product availability.

  • Supply Chain Disruption

    Rising supply chain operating costs and post-pandemic material and labor shortages are causing supply chain disruptions.

  • Inefficient Customer Service

    Customer service teams are unable to resolve customer queries due to the unavailability of a single dashboard view.

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Our Solutions

CPG and Retail Digital Transformation

  • Supply Chain Modernization

    Use Intelligent Procurement, Connected Fleets, Predictive Replenishment, and Asset Tracking to streamline the supply chain.

  • Single Shopper View

    Integrate your internal systems like POS, ERP, OMS, PIM, commerce, data lakes, and other systems to create a 360-degree view of shoppers.

  • API Security

    Our Integration and API security Solutions provide full visibility into your API inventory and remediate malicious threats to your environment.

  • Contact Center Automation

    Provide fast, responsive customer service using automated workflows and single dashboard views via Cloud-native, AI-driven solutions.

  • Create Omnichannel Experience

    Incepta builds omnichannel strategies that result in faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

  • Real-time Inventory Management

    Integrate sales order and product information in real-time to efficiently manage inventory and restocking.

Benefits to bank on

How Incepta can hep you transform retail operations

  • Streamline Supply Chain

    Integrating internal and external systems can help you streamline operations and save costs throughout the retail chain from procurement to distribution.

  • Boost Productivity

    Automating back and front office processes improves the employee experience and make their life simpler thus significantly boosting productivity.

  • Customer Delight

    An omnichannel experience of your brand for customers across mobile, web, in-store and social channels leads to improved customer experience.

  • Scale Easily

    Replacing complex, rigid, manual processes with flexible, scalable, AI and RPA-based efficient processes help you scale faster to meet the demand.

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cpg and retail

Case Studies

Outwork the competition

Incepta’s Loyalty Program Reinvents Customer Engagement for Retail Business.

Elevated Customer Loyalty Program: Incepta’ Tailored Approach This case study is about how our tailored Loyalty Program solution revolutionized customer engagement and streamlined operations for a renowned retail brand, the challenges faced by our client, and how Incepta Solutions, with its innovative approach, transformed their loyalty program. Our client, a leading retail business group with […]

Custom API Integration Solution for Government Agency

Learn how Incepta’s custom API integration solution helped a Government agency to successfully adopt MuleSoft and drive multi-system connectivity to launch its new line of operations.

Cloud Assessment and Migration for Global Beverages Company

This case study explains how Incepta Solutions helped a global fortune 500 company with Cloud Assessment and Migration.

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