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Healthcare industry is facing a variety of challenges

  • Rising Cost

    Stringent regulations, lack of skilled workforce, and the rising cost of medical supplies are causing a steep rise in the cost of medical care.

  • Patient Expectations

    Patients are expecting more connected and personalized experiences from their healthcare and health insurance providers.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Healthcare providers have to comply with strict regulations that strain resources and require data from disparate sources.

  • New Competition

    New providers with tech-based operations are posing serious challenges to traditional resource-intensive healthcare providers.

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Our Solutions

Integration | Automation | Digitization

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Streamline appointment scheduling across multiple medical systems to easily schedule, modify and cancel appointments.

  • Patient 360 View

    Create and provide a single 360 view of patient data to your customer service agents using the API lead approach.

  • Unify Patient Data

    Connect disparate data sources to unify patient data from multiple systems and provide real-time access to healthcare providers.

  • Claim Processing

    Automate the intake, evaluation, and handling of claims from providers to extract required data, identify exceptions, and process invoices.

  • API Security

    APIs provide the interoperability to share data across healthcare systems and internal applications. Incepta blocks API attacks in real time and stops vulnerabilities.

  • Compliance Ready

    Automate preparation, management, and uploading of documents for regulatory audit and compliance with 100% accuracy.

Benefits to bank on

How digital transformation can improve patient experience

  • Interoperability

    Interoperability between clinical & non-clinical systems saves billions of dollars in healthcare costs by reducing diagnostic errors, redundant testing.

  • Automate Contact Center

    Integrated cloud and core systems provide call center agents with the right information at the right time, all from a single screen to address urgent needs.

  • Boost Productivity

    Digitization relieves healthcare workers from mundane tasks achieving greater throughput, 100% accuracy, and reducing errors and costs.

  • Improve Patient Care

    Provide connected and personalized patient experience by automating appointment scheduling, test result delivery, access to telehealth services, etc.

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Case Studies

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Our journey began with an ambitious plan to carve out a new frontier for digital transformation. We believe in “Powered by Innovation, Driven by Results”. This led Incepta named one of Canada’s top 25 most innovative companies in the CB Innovation Awards of 2023 organized by the Canadian Business and also earning the recognition of […]

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Learn how Incepta Solutions can perform API Security Assessment for businesses to identify API security threats and prevent cyber attacks.

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