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Logistics industry is struggling with

  • Cost of Transportation

    Rising costs of fuel and maintenance are the biggest expenses for the logistics industry sometimes reaching 50% of the product value.

  • Government Regulations

    Logistics companies have to comply with strict government and environmental regulations that strain resources & create a lot of stress.

  • Lack of Skilled Drivers

    Truck driving is a demanding job and there are not enough skilled drivers available posing a serious concern for the logistics providers.

  • Technological Barriers

    Logistics companies are still using manual time and resource-intensive processes and are slow in adopting new technology solutions.

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Our Solutions

Integration Solutions for Logistics

  • Connect Legacy Systems

    Ask about our Integration and API management Solutions to enable your new and legacy EDI systems to connect and coexist.

  • Optimize Transportation

    Monitor all logistics with RPA bots to reduce human error and track all transportation costs and outcomes across carriers.

  • Supply Chain Modernization

    Use Intelligent Procurement, Connected Fleets, Predictive Replenishment, and Asset Tracking to streamline the supply chain.

  • Smart Warehouse

    Our fully managed IoT platform Veora provides Smart Warehouse solutions for automatically managing inventory and end-to-end item tracking while reducing costs.

  • Contact Center Automation

    Provide fast, responsive customer service using automated workflows and single dashboard views via Contact Center Automation.

  • Simplify Partner Onboarding

    Employ an API-based approach to extend and improve the functioning of your existing B2B/EDI systems to simplify partner onboarding.

Benefits to bank on

How digital transformation can hep you streamline logistics

  • Boost Productivity

    Automate back and front office processes to improve the employee experience and significantly boost productivity.

  • Reduce Costs

    Intelligent automation can help you streamline operations and save costs throughout the supply chain from booking to delivery.

  • Scale Easily

    Replacing rigid, manual processes with flexible, scalable, RPA-based processes helps you scale faster to meet the demand.

  • Digital Supply Chain

    Embrace automation, API-based approach, and cloud technology to build an agile, scalable, future-ready, digital supply chain.

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