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Government entities are facing multiple challenges

  • Outdated IT Infrastructure

    Governments spend roughly two-thirds of the IT budget on maintaining outdated 10-40 years old, inflexible, unreliable, and costly legacy systems.

  • Inefficient Processes

    Outdated tools and cumbersome, time and resource-heavy processes result in inefficient operations and poor services to citizens leading to rising dissatisfaction.

  • Poor Customer Experience

    Citizens are used to seamless connected experiences they get from brands they use and expect similar experiences from government entities.

  • Rising Employee Expectations

    Like the private sector, government and public sector employees expect all-digital, work-from-anywhere experiences and the latest tools.

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Our Solutions

Digital Transformation Solutions for Public Sector Entities

  • Citizen 360

    Provide consistent, connected experiences across channels – from the web, mobile, social, and in-person to delight your customers.

  • Citizen Self-service Portals

    Enable self-service online portals than can help consolidate and simplify the process of receiving key social services in a timely manner. 

  • Back Office Automation

    Automate manual, repetitive, and high-volume back office processes to streamline operations and eliminate errors.

  • API Security

    Protect APIs in real-time and detects vulnerabilities across all areas of the public sector including education, transportation, healthcare, social services, and law enforcement.  


  • Social Services Automation

    Employ technologies like CRM, data integration, cloud migration, etc to automate manual, error-prone processes and enable faster delivery of key social services.

  • Financial and HR Modernization

    Use government initiatives to modernize and reduce the cost of decades-old financial and HR systems in favor of newer, FedRAMP-certified SaaS vendors.


Benefits to bank on

How digital transformation can improve public services

  • Improve Response Time

    With cloud-based solutions, citizens and civil servants would resolve urgent needs quicker than with outdated, legacy IT systems.

  • Better Data Transparency

    Employing the latest tools for data capture, consolidation, and management helps you improve data transparency.

  • Streamline Administration

    Automating manual, repetitive processes helps you streamline the administration and serve the citizens more efficiently.

  • Efficient Record Keeping

    Digitizing manual processes help you efficiently preserve records for the longer term with easy access and reduced storage space.

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