Incepta is a trusted Informatica Consultant with over 10+ years of experience in the digital connectivity and data integration space. We provide comprehensive data integration and management consultancy and solutions.



Informatica Services

Incepta’s experienced Informatica consultants and developers help organizations plan their data integration journey and strategy to develop automated ETL services.

We provide end-to-end ETL solutions, data warehousing, and business analytics utilizing Informatica to sync data from different ERP, CRM, and other data sources.

Partner with Incpeta to modernize your data and analytics strategy with purpose-built cloud data management to operate competitively in an evolving marketplace.


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Informatica Services

Our Informatica services include

  • BI and ETL Strategy

    Incepta Solutions delivers Business Intelligence (BI) and ETL services powered by Informatica to address industry-specific challenges for organizations.

  • Data Warehouse

    Incepta provides complete Data Warehousing solutions comprising Data Warehouse planning, implementation, migration, testing & support for efficient DWH operation.

  • Data Integration

    Incepta provides data integration solutions based on ETL architecture for your cloud-native and on-premises deployments with intelligent, automated development.

  • Data Migration & Backup

    Incepta offers data migration and backup services migrating data from one storage system to another and also between data formats and applications.

  • Data Consolidation

    Incepta can help you collate and consolidate your data stored in different systems, formats, and structures and help you draw meaningful insights.

  • Data Catalog

    Incepta helps you to discover, classify, inventory, and organize data assets across your organization to maximize value and take intelligent data-based decisions.

  • License Optimization

    We streamline Informatica license management. Our service guarantees compliance, minimizes unnecessary spending, and optimizes processes. This comprehensive approach reduces costs, mitigates penalties, and liberates your resources for strategic initiatives.


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Incepta is a proud partner of Gartner and Forrester-recognized tech leaders, ensuring premier services for clients across diverse domains with top-tier solutions.

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Benefits to bank on

Advantages of Informatica PowerCenter framework

  • Easy to maintain

    Informatica Workflow monitor provides features such as run time monitoring, automatic job logging, etc. that make it very easy to monitor the work process.

  • High Performance

    Informatica is designed for speed and performance optimization and has features like load balancing between the database box and the ETL server.

  • Supports Multiple Databases

    Informatica works with different data types & supports various databases such as TPump, Teradata MLoad, Fastload, etc. 

  • Developer Friendly UI

    Informatica provides a developer-friendly interface for Administration, Debugging, ETL Design, Job Scheduling, Session monitoring,  etc.

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    Proven Agile Delivery

    Our experienced team creates unique solutions and delivers them within 4 weeks using the Agile delivery in the Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore models.

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    Certified Consultants

    Incepta’s in-house team of certified developers and architects is ready to help you at any stage of your project.

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    Comprehensive Services

    Incepta offers a full range of automation services and completes your projects within the timeline and budget to meet your requirements.

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