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Enabling Cohesive IT-Business Collaboration: Solution for
Streamlined Program Management and Enhanced Integration.


Incepta Axis

IT stakeholders face a formidable challenge in navigating the complexities and optimizing IT-business collaboration. Are you also struggling to surmount the obstacles to aligning IT efforts with strategic goals and enhancing the intricacies of IT-business collaboration?

We understand the critical importance of IT-business alignment for organizational success. Therefore, we have developed our solutions in accordance with PMBOK standards and best practices, aimed at streamlining communication and effectively aligning IT and business teams. Our approach combines the strengths of Waterfall and Agile methodologies in a unique hybrid approach. Our solution simplifies IT portfolio management with a user-friendly interface and robust features while enhancing team communication.

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Incepta Axis Value Preposition

IT-Business Collaboration - Cost Avoidance
IT-Business Collaboration - Revenue Opportunity
IT-Business Collaboration - Total Financial Gain

Cost Avoidance

  • Mitigate Delays: Trim project delays by 10%, leading to substantial cost savings.
  • Optimize Time: Save 30% of IT stakeholders’ time, reducing operational expenses.

Revenue Opportunity

  • Enhance Revenue: Capture 3% revenue enhancement through improved market access, reduced outages, and customer satisfaction.

Total Financial Gain

  • Smart Investment: Implement Incepta Axis at a fraction of potential gains.
  • High ROI: Experience impressive 412% returns, boosting your bottom line

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Incepta Axis

Collaborate. Streamline. Succeed

  • Project Portfolio Management

    We provide a comprehensive view of all IT projects, including their status, risks, and dependencies, and help organizations track progress and identify potential problems early on.

  • Resource Management

    We help organizations to manage their IT resources, such as people, hardware, and software, and help organizations to ensure that their resources are used efficiently and effectively.

  • Risk Management

    We help organizations identify and mitigate risks to their IT projects. which helps organizations to reduce the chances of delays and budget overruns

  • Communication and Collaboration

    We provide a central platform for IT and business teams to collaborate on projects and help to break down silos and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Incepta Axis Process

Incepta Axis meticulously follows a structured and iterative process, ensuring the delivery of superior software solutions to our esteemed clients. Our process comprises the following well-defined phases:

Ideation: Engage clients for comprehensive requirements gathering, resulting in a high-level project overview. Culminates in SWAG estimate.

Scoping: Building on ideation, refining requirements into a project plan. Create essential docs like SRS, HLD. Accurate +/- 20% cost estimation.

Implementation Phase: Diving into the core of the project, this phase entails the design, development, and rigorous testing of the software solution.

Testing: Rigorous quality assurance phase with tests including SIT, SFT, UAT, Regression, and Performance Acceptance Testing (PET).

Launch Phase: With the software deemed ready for production, this phase marks its deployment and availability to the users.

Post-Implementation: Our commitment continues after launch. Robust support for production defects ensures optimal functionality and customer satisfaction.

It-Business Collaboration - Incepta Axis Process
Benefits to Clients

Incepta Axis

  • Strategic Empowerment

    Empower IT, stakeholders, for innovation & strategic initiatives, focusing on important tasks.

  • Prioritization Perfection

    Rank projects based on quantified business value, enhancing decision-making clarity.

  • Team Synergy Boost

    Mitigate burnout, foster cross-team cohesion, and streamline collaboration with Incepta Axis.

  • Seamless Onboarding

    Simplify implementation complexities, ensuring a smooth rollout experience.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Reduce costs, optimize resources, and uphold FTE effectiveness for sustained excellence.

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