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IBM to MuleSoft Integration Platform Migration for Retail Chain

Our client,  a large North American Retail Chain, has been using the IBM integration platform as the middleware for their operations and to move data among various systems. As the IBM platform is very expensive and has limited functionality, the management wanted to migrate from IBM to the MuleSoft integration platform and replace existing APIs with MuleSoft integrations.

As the middleware platform is strategic for their operations, the client wanted the transition to be flawless, the architecture to be flexible and scalable, and the performance to be better than the current setup.

Incepta was chosen as the implementation partner for this critical transformation project based on our proven expertise and reputation from other complex MuleSoft projects.

MuleSoft Integration Platform Migration


  • Produce the deployment reference documents following the MuleSoft best practices
  • Setup the Mulesoft environment with High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), and end-to-end network
  • Setup the logging, error handling, security, monitoring, and testing framework
  • Rewrite 20 APIs of the IBM Ace system, from POC to Production

The client needed support in the transition from the legacy IBM integration platform to the MuleSoft Anypoint platform to

  1. Save on yearly billing costs
  2. Be more agile in their API strategy
  3. Have scalable and flexible infrastructure

The client wanted Incepta to plan and implement the transition of APIs from the legacy IBM platform to the MuleSoft Anypoint platform and manage a smooth, seamless transition without impacting its daily operations.


  • One of the largest luxury goods department store chains
  • Well-known major apparel brand since 1965
  • Canada-based global company

The client is one of North America’s largest retail business groups with iconic department stores. It has three major entities. 

  • Entity 1 – A leading online eCommerce platform for luxury fashion
  • Entity 2 – A premier luxury off-price eCommerce company
  • Entity 3 A Canadian eCommerce marketplace

  • Rigid, legacy IBM infrastructure which was not scalable
  • High monthly licensing cost for the IBM integration system
  • Limited functionality, outdated technology

Our client had invested in the leading MuleSoft Anypoint integration platform but needed help in transitioning from the existing infrastructure to utilize MuleSoft’s full potential.


Transition to Flexible & Scalable MuleSoft Integration Platform 

  • Flexible, scalable infrastructure with better performance
  • Deployment reference documents following the MuleSoft best practices
  • 20+ APIs redesigned as MuleSoft Integrations.
  • Logging, error handling, security, monitoring, and testing framework

Incepta’s MuleSoft experts produced 9 comprehensive deployment reference documents detailing phase-wise migration from IBM to the MuleSoft platform. 

As part of the project, the Incepta team redesigned 20+ APIs as MuleSoft integrations.

The Incepta team also set up the Mulesoft environment with HA, DR, CI/CD, and end-to-end network along with the logging, error handling, security, monitoring, and testing framework.

Please refer to the diagram below for a sample of the client’s complex infrastructure which is the heart and soul of their entire global operations. The diagram below is not an exact representation but a simplified version of a section of the whole infrastructure. Contact Incepta Solutions – your trusted Digital Transformation Partner – to know more.

Middleware Diagram

Fig 1 – Sample of Complex Infrastructure Incepta Redesigned


  • Successful transition from the IBM platform to the MuleSoft platform
  • Agile and scalable infrastructure
  • Operations and maintenance costs reduced by 42%
  • Better performance with reduced licensing cost per month
  • 20+ APIs ported from IBM to the MuleSoft integration platform
  • Error handling, logging, and monitoring systems in place

Incepta’s customized transition plan, precise implementation, and methodical approach ensured an efficient, optimal, and seamless transition without impacting critical business operations.

The comprehensive solution and its flawless implementation avoided drastic changes, minimized the overall impact on the existing operations, and maximized the benefits of the client’s investment in MuleSoft in the shortest amount of time.

Incepta has and will continue to help companies perform assessments of their current infrastructure, select the most suitable, cutting-edge technology products, and implement a smooth transition to the latest and greatest technology products to achieve their digital transformation objectives

If you are in the Retail and CPG industry, looking for integration solutions critical to your business expansion, revenue growth, and ongoing business operations, connect with us today!