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Optimizing Your Sales Process with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

CRM Transformation with Salesforce Sales Cloud for a Logistic Client.

This case study discussed how Incepta helped a top North American logistics provider to deploy a strong Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. The Client wanted to update their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to overcome constraints affecting operational efficiency and expansion opportunities.

Objectives Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • We upgraded our client’s obsolete CRM system with a robust Salesforce Sales Cloud platform by replacing MS Dynamic, enabling them to optimize sales, marketing, and customer service for enhanced efficiency.
  • The new Salesforce Sales Cloud platform offers a strong foundation to meet our client’s growing business requirements and future expansion.
  • By consolidating customer information into one platform, our clients have achieved enhanced visibility and control, enabling them to deliver a more targeted and agile customer experience.
Client Salesforce Sales Cloud

Established in 1976, our client is a major player in the North American logistics and supply chain sector, providing a wide range of services throughout the continent. Acquired by TFI International in 2002, our client adds value to a broad network offering unmatched capabilities, resources, and extensive geographic coverage across North America.

Industry: Logistics Business

  • Our client’s current CRM was unable to cope with the increasing complexity of their business, hampering their ability to effectively meet customer needs.
  • The system lacked the flexibility to adapt to our client’s expanding operations and future growth plans.
  • Information was scattered across different systems, making it difficult to get a holistic view of their customers and streamline operations.
Solutions Salesforce Sales Cloud

Incepta’s team crafted a solution to develop a comprehensive Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation plan, encompassing:

  • Assessment & Planning: We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s current CRM setup, collaboratively defined their business goals, and outlined a migration strategy to ensure a seamless transfer of data and processes.
  • Data Migration & Cleansing: We extracted clean and accurate data from the client’s existing system, mapping it to Salesforce fields, and ensuring data integrity throughout the import process.
  • Configuration & Customization: We set up core Salesforce objects and customized them to reflect the client’s existing workflows and processes. This included fields, layouts, and record types.
  • Integration & Development: We assessed the need for integrations with other systems and developed custom integrations using APIs to connect Salesforce with existing data sources.
  • User Training & Adoption: We provided comprehensive training sessions, documentation, and resources to ensure user proficiency in the new platform. This included addressing any concerns or challenges during the transition process.
  • Testing & Go-Live: Our team performed rigorous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify the solution met the client’s objectives, followed by a smooth go-live process with data migration and system deployment.
  • Post-Go-Live Support: Providing ongoing support to address any issues that might arise during the initial transition period.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for Streamlining Operations

Workflow Explanation (Sales Process):

  1. Leads are generated through web forms or manually entered into the system.
  2. Based on specific criteria, qualified Leads are converted to Opportunities.
  3. The DQM pricing team creates a Proposal for each Opportunity.
  4. If approved by the customer, the Inside Sales Rep establishes a Customer Account.
  5. Rejected proposals are marked as “Closed-Lost.”
  6. Upon Revenue Control Team approval, the Proposal is sent to the Customer (Related Opportunity ID gets added to the new Account).
  7. A nightly batch job automatically updates the Customer Account in the CRM.
  8. Once formalities are completed, the Opportunity is marked as “Closed-Won.”

Incepta’s Core Responsibilities: Throughout the Salesforce implementation project, Incepta served as a trusted partner for our client, taking ownership of the following:

  • Project management and planning
  • Salesforce configuration and customization
  • Data migration and cleansing
  • API development and integration
  • User training and adoption support
  • Testing and go-live execution
  • Post-go-live support

Technology Used:

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Through this successful collaboration, the Client achieved a significant transformation of their CRM infrastructure. The robust Salesforce platform offers:

Future-Proof Scalability: By implementing Salesforce, we equipped our client with a robust platform that can effortlessly accommodate their anticipated growth. This scalable solution ensures the platform can adapt to our client’s evolving business needs well into the future.

Expanded Functionality for Efficiency: The transition to Salesforce provided our client with access to a significantly wider range of features. These enhanced functionalities streamlined their sales, marketing, and customer service operations, creating a more efficient work environment.

User Empowerment and Productivity: Salesforce’s user-friendly interface empowers our client’s employees to work more efficiently. This intuitive platform streamlines daily tasks and fosters increased productivity across all departments.

Centralized Data Management and Control: The implementation of Salesforce led to the consolidation of our client’s customer data into a single, centralized platform. This centralized data management system allows for improved visibility and control over customer information, facilitating more informed decision-making.

Incepta’s expertise in implementing Salesforce for logistics greatly helped the Client with modernizing their CRM system, resulting in increased operational efficiency, enhanced scalability, and a strong basis for future expansion and development. We are a trusted Salesforce Partner with over 10+ years of experience in the digital connectivity and integration space. Are you ready for Salesforce-driven innovation?

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