A prebuilt Salesforce powered Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) e-commerce solution designed for rapid deployment and sustained growth.

Tired of 54% distributor markups? Bypass these markups & unlock up to 30% potential profit margin with a D2C model

Simplify e-commerce complexities, Amplify brand visibility, & Get measurable results.

Are you a CPG brand grappling with slow D2C launches, cumbersome data siloes, and inflated costs? Struggling to gain meaningful customer insights to drive brand loyalty and sales? OmniConnect shatters these D2C limitations.

Incepta’s Omniconnect eliminates unnecessary costs, accelerates product launches, and empowers you to build impactful customer relationships. Imagine toasting to booming sales, soaring brand loyalty, and a thriving D2C future, all within two weeks.

Ditch the Inefficiencies, Embrace OmniConnect:

  • Embrace Hyperfast E-commerce

    Ditch the glacial pace of traditional development. OmniConnect’s pre-configured platform launches stunning e-commerce storefronts in a record 2 weeks, not months. Say goodbye to missed market opportunities and hello to rapid brand presence.

  • Shatter Silos, Unlock Insights

    Shatter the data prison walls and unleash actionable insights. OmniConnect seamlessly integrates your e-commerce, logistics, and CRM systems, creating a unified command center for streamlined operations and data visibility.

  •  Slash Costs, Maximize ROI

    Slash bloat and maximize ROI. Automate workflows, eliminate manual tasks and leverage built-in integrations to cut operational costs by up to 30%, freeing up resources for strategic investments.

  • Customize Every Connection

    Unmask your customers and build lasting loyalty. Gain granular data on behavior, preferences, and purchase histories across touchpoints. This empowers personalized experiences, driving 19% higher customer satisfaction and a 12% sales boost.


 Fast-track your CPG brand into the booming 55% D2C growth with Incepta Omniconnect


The Value Proposition We Offer

  • Rapid E-commerce Launch

    Launch fully functional e-commerce storefronts in just two weeks, seizing market opportunities without delay.

  • Unified Data Integration

    Integrate disparate data sources seamlessly for streamlined operations and actionable insights.

  • Cost-saving Automation

    Automate e-commerce operations to reduce costs by up to 30% and redirect resources for strategic investments.

  • Personalized Customer Insights

    Gain granular data on customer interactions for tailored marketing strategies and increased satisfaction levels.


 Fuel Your CPG Brand’s D2C Success: Get the Incepta Omniconnect One-Pager.

What Customers Have Seen?


Omniconnect - Processes you can automate and Integrate.


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How we can help you

  • Launch Fast,
    Sell Faster/span>

    Omniconnect swiftly integrates brands, reducing coding efforts. This accelerates deployment, ensuring a quick entry into the dynamic online market.

  • Efficient 3PL

    Fusion with diverse 3PL partners including Amazon, ensures timely delivery. Automated logistics, minimized errors & assured dependable supply chain.

  • CRM Insights

    Seamless integration with CRMs empowers establishments with customer insights. Optimize marketing, pinpoint trends, and foster patronage for enduring business growth.

  • D2C Ecommerce

    Empower brands with an intuitive online presence. Streamlined product management ensures a personalized shopping journey for patrons.

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OmniConnect isn't just a D2C solution; it's a catalyst for growth. Ditch the roadblocks and fuel your CPG brand's D2C success story.