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Definition of RevOps, without the jargon

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is a business function that aims to maximize an organization's revenue potential.

How? RevOps drives full-funnel accountability through the alignment of Marketing, Sales, and Service across your organization’s process, platform, and people.

It is a single team that serves all revenue-generating business units, including:

  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing Operations
  • Customer Success Operations
  • Systems

Common challenges in the RevOps community

The Solution

Ready to take control of your revenue?

Enter #InceptaRevOps™

Drive more revenue and improving campaign ROI by ensuring every lead from LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. (LinkedIn, Zoom, Marketo, Salesforce)

Getting leads to right representatives with the right account, industry and profile information faster (Marketo, GotoWebinar, Eventbrite, Unbounce, Salesforce, Google Sheets)

Lead /Pipeline Ranking by account based

Speeding up order processing time with sales order automation (Salesforce, NetSuite, Email by Workato)

Cashflow API


100-200% increase in digital marketing revenue


10% increase in lead acceptance rate


15-20% increase in internal customer satisfaction


30% reduction in GTM expenses


10-20% increase in sales productivity

"Our RevOps solution powered by Workato enables our customers to view the true state of their revenue pipeline. We empower them to execute their marketing, sales, finance and customer success operations in a cohesive and coordinated manner."

Ishtiaq Ahmed - Managing Partner, Incepta Solutions

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