Salesforce driven Innovation

At Incepta, we help organizations in designing and implementing Salesforce® based business solutions. We help businesses transform the way they interact and manage their customers, partners, and employees.

Use Case

The Power of Salesforce and Mulesoft Integration

Many businesses face the challenge on how to connect Salesforce with their core systems, other third party cloud, and custom applications. Mulesoft provides the mechanism to connect with other systems and create custom applications which can combine data from different systems and present an unified view to the user.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Templates for Salesforce integration are pre-built solutions which can be configured, customized, and reused. The Anypoint Templates provide a comprehensive and focused, ready-made module on unit level use-cases which can be added and customized to build more complex workflow processes.

Incepta specializes in designing solutions using Mulesoft Anypoint Templates by analyzing the existing processes and developing workflow solutions that are tailor-made to address specific problems and use-cases.


Salesforce & Incepta

At Incepta, we build the bridge between business and technology, through innovation that helps improve the experience of your customers, partners and employees. We help map customer and company touchpoints and provide access to specific and situational insights anywhere and anytime. We leverage our business and strategy expertise​ powered by Salesforce technology to enable transformation across your business.

Discovering new ways to listen to customers, partners and employees

Finding a new meaning and dimension in their data

Building digital personas and drawing the experience journey maps

Building prototypes to validate new digital engagement concepts

Developing and Implementing digital engagement applications

Salesforce driven Engagement Platform

Incepta understands that establishing a digital engagement platform with customers, partners and employees that synchronizes with different systems of record can help build relevance, improve customer experience and enable business processes, and enable organizational change.

Creating the Next-generation customer experience

Transforming and Modernizing the CRM strategy

Data analytics that can help provide new insights into the business

Enabling digital application concepts on a proven, secure and scalable technology platform

Use Case

Salesforce and AI

With the Salesforce Einstein services customized AI-powered apps can be developed for businesses. Incepta specializes in developing custom apps in the field of image recognition, object detection and AI powered chatbots with natural language processing capabilities and intent recognition.

With the Salesforce myEinstein services Incepta can help organizations build AI powered chatbots which can process information from customer enquiries, complaints, service reps and agents. In combination with an RPA system, the information can be communicated to the relevant authorities by updating the backend ERP system or other cloud systems.

The automated workflow can help an organization manage the communication overload, be responsive to all stakeholders and handle any query or response. This can have a tremendous effect in building trust, confidence and goodwill of the organization which eventually would lead to higher retention, repeat business and growth in revenue.

Use Case

The Power of the Cloud

In the age of digital transformation, Salesforce alone is not suitable to solve all business challenges. Organizations use multiple cloud-based software services to solve a variety of problems. Incepta possesses the technical edge to enable organizations to connect data from third-party softwares with their Salesforce® Solution so that they can work more efficiently and smartly.

Integration Tools: Incepta can help integrate multiple Salesforce® solutions using integration tools like Mulesoft and develop custom apps that combine data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.

API development: Incepta specializes in building custom APIs to allow easy direct API integration with Salesforce®.

Use Case

Mobile App Consultancy & Development

Incepta helps organizations in planning and strategizing on how best they can utilize Salesforce1™ Mobile Platform. At Incepta, we specialize in Salesforce1™ Mobile App platform development which extends Salesforce functionalities to mobile devices. We can help companies leverage the power of the mobile device and extend their Salesforce® based custom features and business processes to a mobile platform.

With Incepta’s team of experienced UI/UX designers and developers we can customize the look and feel of the Salesforce1™ instance to match the overall branding of the organization.

Use Case

Salesforce and RPA Integration

RPA (or Robotic Process Automation) is the new kid on the block which has taken the technological world by storm. In short, an RPA is a software bot which sits on a computer and has the capability to perform repetitive human tasks, such as filling up an order enquiry or claims processing form, lookup information in databases, and input the data in other systems. Additionally, the bots can be programmed with logical deduction capabilities to handle and process the data and submit into other systems. This makes RPA a powerful tool to replace humans on repetitive tasks and bring more efficiency into the system.

RPA can be integrated with Salesforce to synchronize data from various systems and create a single 360 degree view for the customer representative within a few seconds. Details like customer name, previous interaction history, billing details and user preferences can be collected by RPA to help service reps in delivering better customer service and experiences. From new account creation, to quote to cash, and handling customer service requests to contract management, RPA can streamline a host of CRM-related processes.

Incepta specializes in implementing Robotic Process Automation workflows by analyzing existing organizational processes and implementing the latest technological advancements in workplace productivity, process automation and integration.


Salesforce Innovation Insights

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