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Imagine taking your business to the next level of digital transformation and integration with the help of Incepta and Salesforce, who bring over 10 years of expertise in this field. Their partnership has proven to be a game-changer for businesses looking to step up their game in the digital world. Join hands with them to experience cutting-edge solutions that deliver results and exceed expectations.


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Data Cloud powers the first-ever real-time CRM.











Data Cloud

Data Cloud




A Natural Language Generation (NLG) AI feature within our system transforms complex data into clear and concise language empowers non-specialists to readily understand the data's purpose and facilitates its repurposing for various applications.

Salesforce AI, powered by Einstein 1, offers customizable AI solutions. Utilize it at Incepta to create tailored experiences with your data securely. Integrate conversational AI across workflows, users, and industries. While powerful, it’s crucial to note potential data risks. Rest assured, our Trust Layer safeguards consumer information. Plus, Einstein’s open-source foundation ensures LLM safety.

Features of Salesforce AI
  • Sales Efficiency & Personalization

    Close deals faster and personalize interactions with AI-generated summaries, data-enriched emails, and actionable insights from Einstein.

  • Einstein Copilot

    Your AI CRM Assistant, Seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, Einstein Copilot provides real-time guidance and assistance for every task.

  • Einstein 1 Studio

    Develop AI for Your Needs,Create and customize AI functionalities by configuring Copilot actions, prompts, and models within the Einstein 1 Studio.

  • Marketing Automation

    Leverage AI to automate tasks, generate content, and personalize marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Customizable Commerce AI

    Tailor every customer and merchant experience with the most reliable and adaptable e-commerce AI solutions.

  • Empowering Customer Service

    Boost agent efficiency and personalize customer service with powerful AI tools.

Personalize Interactions & Securely Leverage AI Solutions with Incepta’s Salesforce Expertise. Contact us!


Sale Cloud manages and stores customer data effectively and responsibly, with the help of influential representatives, to secure maximum sales deals.

SALES – Propel your revenue growth with Sales Cloud. At Incepta, we leverage Salesforce Sales Cloud, the industry-leading AI CRM built on the Einstein 1 Platform, to empower your entire sales team with the intelligent sales tools they need to win. Unify your data and get a complete picture of every customer. With trusted AI, interactions can be personalized, customer needs can be predicted, and operations can be streamlined across the board – from sellers and leaders to support staff. Foster deeper customer engagement to build lasting relationships and drive loyalty. Salesforce equips you to expedite deal closures, boost seller productivity, and achieve ambitious revenue goals.

Features of Salesforce Sales
  • Engagement & Integration

    Seamlessly connect with buyers and drive action by integrating engagement tools directly into your CRM.

  • Sales Enablement & Productivity

    Increase seller efficiency and productivity with outcome-based enablement strategies.

  • Buyer Alignment & Growth

    Close deals faster by aligning marketing and sales efforts to achieve efficient growth.

  • Analytics & Revenue Optimization

    Enhance forecast accuracy and maximize revenue with Sales Cloud and Tableau insights.

  • Revenue Insights & Performance

    Empower your sales team with tailored analytics for valuable insights throughout the sales cycle, optimizing performance with automated guidance from planning to execution.

  • Team Productivity & Partner Management

    Accelerate deal velocity by boosting team productivity with real-time data in Slack and Sales Cloud, while managing partner performance for efficient channel sales.

Boost Sales & Build Lasting Relationships with Incepta’s Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation.


Service Cloud delivers personalized customer service experiences, connects every channel, personalizes every engagement, and scales every process as your business grows.

Maximize efficiency with Service Cloud. At Incepta, access Salesforce Service Cloud for CRM + DATA + AI capabilities. Utilize personalized portals for swift action. Access relevant knowledge articles with Einstein AI for self-service appointments. Enhanced control with augmented reality, voice, messaging, and video support. Centrally manage cases and incidents, utilizing Slack for complex cases.

Features of Salesforce Service
  • Self-Service & Knowledge Management

    Empower customers with a personalized, self-service portal containing all the necessary answers.

  • Omnichannel Engagement

    Deliver a seamless digital experience where customers can interact and control their experience through a single platform.

  • AI-Powered Support

    Provide real-time solutions through voice and phone support powered by AI, automation, and CRM data integrated with Einstein.

  • Agent & Mobile Worker Productivity

    Consolidate service tools and customer data into a unified console for faster action, boosting agent productivity with Omnichannel routing.

  • Automated Customer Service & Processes

    Optimize efficiency through automation, including scheduling and dispatching the best mobile worker based on location, skills, and availability.

  • Intelligent Service Operations with AI

    Enhance performance with real-time customer data, streamlined operations, and optimized scheduling using AI-powered insights.

Empower Agents & Deliver Exceptional Service with Incepta’s AI-powered Support. Contact us!


Marketing cloud allows you to reach all your touchpoints, i.e., digital advertising, email, mobile, and social engagements, making you grow stronger by humanizing your customers.

Humanize customer relationships with Marketing Cloud. Incepta offers Salesforce Marketing Cloud for personalized outreach experiences. Utilize Einstein 1 for comprehensive CRM marketing, linking sales, management, data, and commerce for optimized AI-generated campaigns. Elevate leads and revenue with real-time recommendations.

Features of Salesforce Marketing
  • Personalization

    Customize experiences to develop efficient performance and build credible customer relationships.

  • B2B Marketing

    Automation: Generate analytics, scores, and leads by connecting customers to the market effectively.

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement

    Harness email, mobile, and advertising to bond customers organically, maximizing potential.

  • Marketing AI

    Never again get stuck at a marketing decision; maximize your reach with the influence of AI.

  • Small Businesses Marketing

    Seamlessly manage customer profile data, segmenting, planning, and executing campaigns efficiently across channels.

  • Marketing Analytics

    Enhance campaigns with the latest data and AI insights for optimal performance.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Build trust and loyalty by offering personalized preferences and rewards to customers.

Optimize Campaigns & Make Smarter Decisions with Incepta’s AI-powered Marketing Insights. 


Commerce Cloud is a hassle-free platform that bestows simple and cost-efficient processes driving customer success and sustainability.

Devise exponential growth for your commerce business with Commerce Cloud. Incepta bestows you this VIP feature, which contains the Einstein 1 platform, the world’s no.1 CRM, AI, and automation, to build and reimagine your brand according to your needs and trends. You can easily set up your sales shop, reaching all customer touchpoints and accomplishing your turnovers.

Features of Salesforce Commerce
  • Digital Storefronts

    Exceed digital store expectations with templates, composable storefronts, or headless APIs—customize for optimal results.

  • Commerce AI for Merchants

    Enhance buyer experience with co-pilot shoppers. Quickly create webpages and product descriptions with AI generative tools.

  • Commerce Intelligence

    Powered by Data Cloud: Fetch real-time predictions, social integrations, innovative contract templates, and Web3 data models.

  • Customer Acquisition and Loyalty

    Utilize data kits, search and ad network integration, and trusted commerce marketplace for loyalty.

  • Embedded Commerce & Order Management

     Integrate digital commerce with CRM for seamless engagement and efficient order handling.

  • Commerce AI for Customers

    Assist customers throughout their shopping journey with AI-powered tools.

Simplify Commerce & Enhance Customer Journeys with Incepta’s AI-powered Solutions. Contact us!

Data Cloud

The data cloud is a black box of customer data that enables businesses to achieve paramount results in sales, decision-making, and analysis.

Leverage Data Cloud to enhance customer experiences. Integrated with Einstein 1 Platform, CRM activities driven by external data sources. Incepta’s Salesforce Data Cloud offers comprehensive data solutions for unified organizational focus on customer interactions and expansion.

Features of Salesforce Data Cloud
  • Reduce Churn Proactively

    Identify at-risk customers with IoT, product, and device data. Respond swiftly with targeted interventions.

  • Adoption & Optimize Success

     Personalize training, support based on purchase history, usage, and web interactions for customer success.

  • Personalized Commerce

    Generate audience segments, engage across platforms, and enhance campaigns with unified profiles and AI insights.

  • Target High-Intent Leads

    Automatically identify prospects by linking CRM data with web, advertising, and social media signals.

  • Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

    Unify CRM, web, marketing data to target upsell opportunities based on behavior and usage.

  • Drive Seller Efficiency

    Automate sales reminders based on social media, web, and marketing interactions for timely follow-up.

Leverage Customer Data & Drive Sales with Incepta’s Unified Salesforce Data Cloud!


Tableau transforms data into compelling visuals. With Einstein analytics, gain maximum business intelligence through visualization and analysis

Visualize and streamline data with Salesforce’s Tableau, a cornerstone of Incepta’s commitment to accurate business insights. Leverage the robust capabilities of the Einstein platform, AI, and CRM-powered Tableau for sound decisions and solid brand foundations.

Features of Salesforce Tableau
  • Data Management

    Manage secure, intelligent data profiles for improved engagement and outcomes.

  • Data Integration

    Streamline sources to enhance dashboard performance and operational efficiency.

  • Data Visualizations

    Develop visual stories for accessible, actionable insights with reliable platforms

  • Data Culture

     Utilize customer interaction data for timely sales team reminders, maximizing connections.

  • Data Visualisations

    A reliable data visualization platform can help you develop visual stories that make your data more accessible for everyone to see, comprehend, and act upon.

  • Augmented Analytics

    Leverage Tableau and CRM-integrated analytics for strategic insights and AI-driven analysis.

Make Data-Driven Decisions & Build a Strong Brand Foundation with Incepta’s Expertise. Contact us!

Premier Real-Time Ai + Data + CRM Solution

By introducing AI and real-time automation, you can go beyond and give customers a more thrilling experience. Leveraging up-to-date and pragmatic data lets us get a complete Customer 360 picture. Efficiency-improving strategies such as streamlining operations, reducing costs, and revenue growth drive through the operational efficiency of the Data Cloud. Get involved in the conversion to make your business a market leader.


Efficient service delivery enables you to drive sales, build loyalty, and encourage customer recommendations.


Salesforce encourages flexibility and adaptability by offering customized digital strategies to your business model.


The Einstein GPT trust layer enables customers to secure data and comply with demands, offering the benefits of generative AI and generating an unbiased opportunity.


The sustainability cloud collects all of the datasets on the dashboard, capturing all the sets of assets, including the footprints of external audits. It also gives the required sustainability figures and calculations for your business.

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Incepta is a proud partner of Gartner and Forrester-recognized tech leaders, ensuring premier services for clients across diverse domains with top-tier solutions.

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Advantages of Salesforce Platform

  • Single View of Customer

    Salesforce CRM provides a single, unified view of the customer’s journey along with actionable data to help you reach out to your prospects.

  • Data Dashboard

    Data dashboards and charts allow you to present multiple reports side-by-side using dashboard components on a single dashboard page layout.

  • Automation Tools

    Customer-centric automation tools help you set up a series of automated emails & messages to contact the prospects based on specific actions.

  • Easy Collaboration

    A cloud-based record of conversations, interactions, and contact details that can be accessed any time from anywhere facilitates easy collaboration.

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    Incepta completes your projects on schedule and within your specified budget, meeting your needs. The company provides a comprehensive range of automation, management, AI, and CRM services.

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