SmartConnect – A Connectivity Tool for Smart Facilities Management


What is SmartConnect?

SmartConnect is an API Driven tool that enables connectivity with various systems and devices. It collects data, provides insights and outlooks on smart building management for hospital infrastructure, commercial and residential building complexes. It leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT that can revolutionize smart energy management, including lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC and wireless power.

SmartConnect does all of this by leveraging the power of APIs to build a foundation for data storage, data sharing, and analytics of all sensory information.

Smart Building Sustainability Management

Connected Hospital Infrastructure

Smart Factory Automation

Smart Warehouse Management

Smart City Management

Use Case

Smart Building Sustainanbility Management

By building an API-driven strategy for Smart Buildings, the builder community can start laying a foundation for data storage, data sharing, analytics of all sensory data related to environment and energy consumption.

Incepta’s SmartConnect can access raw data across different IoT enabled sensory devices. Organizations can provide “API as a service” to their customers or 3rd party vendors for integrating sensory data within applications to gain insights about energy consumption, forecast electrical demand, and other meaningful energy-related insights. This could be of particular significance for Commercial Properties.

Use Case

Smart Hospital Infrastructure Management

At the core of building a Smart Hospital Management System lies the challenges of inter-connectivity between multiple systems, devices and applications. SmartConnect solves this problem by providing an API Driven tool that enables connectivity with various systems and devices.

Built using the MuleSoft API Framework, SmartConnect enables inter-connectivity across different systems and devices, thus enabling organizations to continue working with existing infrastructure while leveraging the power of digital innovation through data connectivity.


SmartConnect Insights

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