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What is SmartConnect?

SmartConnect is a fully managed IoT platform solution that enables connectivity with various systems and IoT devices. SmartConnect platform allows for data analysis, resource allocation and operational management of building infrastructure for healthcare, commercial, and residential complexes.

Built on Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, it leverages the full potential of transformative technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT that can revolutionize smart energy management in areas such as lighting, power supply, smart meters, HVAC, and wireless power.

SmartConnect does all of this by leveraging the power of APIs to build a foundation for data storage, data sharing and analytics of all sensory information.

Key industries where SmartConnect is deployed are

  • Smart Building & Constructions
  • Smart Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Smart Hotel & Resorts
  • Smart Warehouse



Energy Efficiency


Safety & Security

Smart Building Sustainability Management

Building & construction professionals can use sensor networks to control temperatures, monitor power and water consumption, and track sustainability performance in real time.

With Incepta’s SmartConnect solution, customers or 3rd party vendors can integrate sensory data across applications and gain insight into energy consumption, forecast electrical demand, and other meaningful energy-related metrics. This could be of particular significance for commercial properties.

Smart Hospital Infrastructure Management

Building a smart hospital management system requires interconnectivity between multiple systems, devices, and applications. SmartConnect creates a connected patient journey, which improves staff efficiency and supports value-based care.

Built using the MuleSoft-Anypoint Platform, SmartConnect enables inter-connectivity across different systems and devices, thus enabling organizations to continue working with existing infrastructure while leveraging the power of digital innovation through data connectivity.

Smart Hotel & Building Hospitality Management

A growing number of consumers are looking for hotels that invest in sustainability and safety initiatives. The use of smartphone apps, Bluetooth, voice assistants, etc. have made this transition easier for hotels, enabling them to re-establish trust with guests and provide them with premium hospitality services.

"With its effective loT connectivity and Plug & Play architecture, SmartConnect opens a world of possibilities in sustainability, clean energy, and responsible consumption. Flexible and scalable, it connects 5x faster, cuts cost by 30% & increases productivity by 64%."

-Head of Delivery, Incepta Solutions




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