Mule In Motion

A well-structured onboarding package for smooth MuleSoft architecture Implementation, showcasing the immediate value and enhancing customer affinity.


Mule In Motion

Are you facing challenges migrating to MuleSoft? Worried about implementation costs and onboarding?

Don’t let migration complexities and cost concerns hinder your MuleSoft journey. Introducing “Mule In Motion” (MIM) – a structured onboarding work package designed to address your concerns and ensure a successful MuleSoft implementation.

MIM focuses on implementing MuleSoft architecture for the first pilot use case while increasing customer affinity towards the platform through immediate value demonstration.

By mitigating risks such as deal delays and reliance on legacy tools, MIM ensures a successful implementation. With Mule In Motion, you can confidently embrace MuleSoft, drive business transformation, and experience the immediate value it brings to your organization.

Mule In Motion

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How MIM can help you

  • Attain 400% ROI on MuleSoft Investment

    Ensure smooth path ahead with Right onboarding which sets you up for your future projects, achieving MuleSoft’s 445% ROI promise.

  • Low Management &
    Maintaining Costs

    Get support with onshore CSM, aligned resources, ongoing management assistance, & avoid production outage costs.

  • No Recruiting & Training

    Expert Team: Fully certified, qualified resources on bench, onshore/nearshore/ offshore availability, and established COE.

  • Faster Project

    Our MIM Solution Agile Approach provides Agile project management, a clear roadmap with 2-week delivery sprints for efficient progress.

  • Successful Migration

    Our MIM solution helps to Boost Success Odds: Improve the 16% digital transformation success rate through better IT-Business collaboration.

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Incepta: MuleSoft POD Model

Mule in Motion

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Anypoint Platform MIM LITE

Package Solution


General Policies on API manager (Groups, SLA Tiers, Rate Limit, Configure API Proxies, Client ID Enforcement policy)

Environment Segregation/Management - DEV, QA, PROD

Operational/Monitoring Controls per the Client's Ops Team requirements

Knowledge Transfer


Number of Pilot Implementation of use cases



4 Weeks

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marketing team

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