MuleSoft Platform Assessment

Extensive and Comprehensive assessment covering your Infrastructure, API Design, and API Security incorporating MuleSoft’s best practices and standards.


MuleSoft Platform Assessment

Is your organization truly harnessing the full potential of its MuleSoft investment? Are there hidden challenges lurking beneath the surface? With a vision for the future, are you equipped with a clear roadmap to success? And no less important, can you handle the impending tidal wave of data across all operational channels? Partnering with Incepta a trusted MuleSoft expert can help you address these vital questions and unlock the full potential of your integration platform with MuleSoft Platform Assessment.

Incepta’s MuleSoft Platform Assessment (MPA) is the industry-proven solution that can help you analyze and assess the MuleSoft environment, recommend the target state for your architecture, integrations, and the overall platform, provides you with the roadmap to achieve the target state and expert suggestions on MuleSoft best practices to improve software delivery, risk management, program management, and change management.


Improvement in platform utilization


Reduction in data-related issues.


Reduction in risk
MuleSoft Platform Assessment

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The Value Proposition We Offer

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Evaluate your MuleSoft environment thoroughly, covering infrastructure, API design, and security to identify limitations, gaps, or risks.

  • Expert Recommendations

    Receive tailored recommendations addressing identified areas for improvement, aligning your environment with industry standards.

  • Roadmap to Success

    Get a clear roadmap outlining steps to achieve your desired integration state, with actionable insights for effective implementation.

  • Optimal Vcore Allocation

    Optimizing CPU allocation, considering factors like reserved vCPU and application requirements, ensures consistent API performance and minimizes contention.


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Are your organization on the right track? Assess your organization’s readiness and embrace anticipated growth with us.

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Are you aware of your areas of improvement? Evaluate your organization’s readiness and embrace anticipated growth with us.

Powered by INNOVATION, Driven by RESULTS (400 × 400 px) (7)


Do you have a well-defined plan in place to successfully achieve your organizational vision? Unveil your target state vision and explore the roadmap to make it a reality.

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Why Need a MuleSoft Assessment

How MPA can help you

  • Information gathering

    We help you to Gain a comprehensive understanding of your processes, environment, and implementations.

  • Analysis and assessment

    We evaluate your integration environment against industry standards to uncover limitations and potential risks, if any.

  • Recommendations

    We help you to Identify areas for enhancement and offer adequate guidance aligned with industry benchmarks.

  • Roadmap to future state

    We provide a consolidated report with actionable insights and a roadmap for achieving the desired future stat.

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Maximizing your API Performance: Optimal Vcore Allocation

Incepta’s MuleSoft Platform Assessment ensures optimal CPU allocation for clients, guaranteeing consistent performance and minimizing contention. We consider factors like reserved vCPU, vCPU limit, and application requirements to design strategies that maximize resource utilization and minimize core contention. Our approach allows applications to perform reliably and efficiently, ensuring client satisfaction.

Optimal VCPU location


Mulesoft Platform Assesment

Review Elements

Business Process

  • MuleSoft’s impact on achieving objectives and business initiatives.
  • Measuring values and KPIs is crucial to the business.
  • Application landscape and integration capabilities.
  • Effective API Lifecycle Management practices.
  • Open systems, reusability, and service exposure for reuse and enhancements.


  • MuleSoft runtime topology on Flexiti Mule Environment.
  • Segregation of organizations and business units.
  • Access management: roles and permissions.
  • Administrative configurations and policies.
  • Log management.
  • Scalability, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Solution Design

  • API architecture and design: Spec-driven development.
  • API standards: Nouns, CRUD, JSON, and more.
  • Extendable, agile, and accessible APIs.
  • Global configurations, error handlers, retry mechanism, code optimization.
  • RAML designs and Exchange integration.
  • Implementation of policies and SLAs.

Report & Roadmap

  • A detailed report based on analysis
  • Recommendations for target state and possible value add
  • Methodology and roadmap for incorporating enhancements
  • Futuristic infrastructure to align with Flexiti’s business vision


  • Facilities and network: Operational standards.
  • Data security: Passwords and credentials.
  • Application connectivity.
  • Third-party certification.
  • On-premise security.
  • Security of external facing APIs.

Benefits to clients

Mulesoft Platform Assesment Deliverables

  • Assessment

    In-depth analysis, evaluations, and artifact assessments following MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity approach & industry best practices.

  • Recommendations

    Actionable insights and strategic guidance to optimize integration patterns, leverage MuleSoft Anypoint Platform capabilities, and drive digital transformation.

  • Target architecture & design principles

    Defined architectural blueprints, design patterns, & API frameworks aligned with MuleSoft’s API-led connectivity model.

  • Migration roadmap

    A phased plan outlining the duration, areas of improvement, specific API lifecycles, and estimated effort for seamless migration to the MuleSoft platform.

  • Presentation report

    Report with the perks of sped up application delivery, reduced time-to-market, good customer experience, & improved operational agility.

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MPA Value Proposition

In just three years, these figures add up to over a million dollars in value. By investing in our training and certification programs, you can realize substantial cost savings and enhance the efficiency of your operations..

Tangible Results

  • Benefits Present Value: $1,090,659
  • Benefits Net Present Value: $764,869
  • 235% ROI with Incepta’s training and certification
  • Trained and certified developers completed projects 25% faster.
  • Trained and certified technical teams reduce time spent in remediation by 75%.

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