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Top 7 Digital Contact Center Automation Trends

Let’s talk about automation trends Are your customers complaining about deficient service, long wait times, frequently asking for escalation, and the service agents complaining about not being able to fin...

Steps to setup RPA
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5 Steps to setup RPA CoE (Center of Excellence) for your company

Learn to set up an RPA CoE (Center of Excellence) for your company in five steps. RPA or Robotic Process Automation automates manual, repetitive, high-volume tasks that humans perform every day. For example,...

process automation workato
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HR Process Automation with Workato: Interviewing to Onboarding

Let’s talk about HR Process Automation Why HR Process automation is needed? Data-driven decision making Quick processing and data sharing Better employee-turnover Minimal manual and repetitive tas...

HR Automation
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Get the most out of your HR Automation

HR Automation Businesses of all industries are implementing HR Automations solutions at a rapid pace to help speed operations and automate repetitive, manual tasks with more accuracy and efficiency. The forefro...

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Automation Anywhere offers easy path to RPA training

  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the central technologies changing the face of work – for the better. RPA takes on the burden of manual, repetitive tasks, freeing people to achieve their potential. ...