APIs are building blocks for every experience
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APIs are building blocks for every experience!

How APIs Are Transforming the Digital Landscape. Imagine standing in a vast hardware store, overwhelmed by the variety of tools available, each designed for a specific purpose. Similarly, in the digital real...

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Difference between Web APIs and Web Services

Web APIs and Web Services Web APIs and web services are often interchangeable. So let’s distinguish between the two. Web APIs are an evolution of web services. Both facilitate information transfer, how...

multiple layers of API
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Working with Multiple Layers of API

Multiple layers of API We all know about API led approach in MuleSoft, where we work with multiple layers of API, mostly 3 layers e.g. experience layer, process layer, and system layer. In a smaller scale pro...

Mulesoft connect webinar
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MuleSoft Connect19: Day 2

Second Conference Day As the second day of the MuleSoft Connect19 conference is slowly starting, the conference is shifting from a general discussion of a variety of topics to a more focused discussion of An...