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Smart Waste Management Using IoT Enabled Bins

Smart Waste Management Using IoT Garbage! You heard it right. At the end of the day, garbage is something we cannot avoid but we can learn to handle and dispose it of responsibly to reduce the environmental imp...

InceptaInnovators plant 300 trees
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InceptaInnovators plant 300 trees with Evertreen to reduce CO2

Reduce Co2 emissions! Reduce Carbon Footprint! Plant a tree! At Incepta, we are proud to take a step further towards giving back to the community. The rising Co2 emissions are a major contributor to global warm...

: Digitization of Paper-Based Processes
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Paper-Based Processes Digitization

Paper-based consumption slowed thanks to digitization! Decades after computers were supposed to end paper-based business, we’re still at it, using documents to send and receive information and act as p...