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APIs Driving the Next Wave of Payments Innovation

Payments Innovation In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how APIs are driving the next wave of innovation in payment processing and why companies must consider simplicity, security, easy access to data, an...

Automation in Finance
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3 Best Automation in Financial Services Sector

It is easy to envision science fiction when discussing the increasing prevalence of automation in the Financial Services Sector and several other workplaces. As more industries are disrupted and technology pene...

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Nationwide Appraisal Services expands at fraction of resources

Summary  With the help of integration services and MuleSoft API-led connectivity architecture, Incepta Solutions was able to provide one of its clients an integrated solution that automated their appraisal proc...

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2021 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Fraud Prevention

Quick question. How well-informed are you on the best practices to avoid cyber fraud in today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape? If your answer is, “Eh… kind of?” then get ready for some serious food for tho...

MuleSoft integration with Connexions real estate appraisal platform
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Nationwide Appraisal Services expands using MuleSoft integration with Connexions platform

Moving towards digital connectivity in the property appraisal sector Using a MuleSoft API driven connectivity solution, NAS was able to drive efficiency and market reach by establishing an automated synchroniza...