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How Incepta helps companies outline their IT roadmap for Digital Transformation

Bridging the Digital Divide with a Customizable IT Roadmap for Business Transformation The digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, prompting organizations across all industries to prioritize ...

Articles Automation Anywhere Blog Business Insights Featured Case Study Featured Post Business Insights Marketing Sales

Why CIOs Need to Prioritize Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation savior of CIOs and Top management CIOs and top management leaders have gone through an unprecedented level of stress and challenges in the last couple of years. The pandemic hi...

Payment Solutions
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APIs Driving the Next Wave of Payments Innovation

Payments Innovation In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how APIs are driving the next wave of innovation in payment processing and why companies must consider simplicity, security, easy access to data, an...

Security Compliance
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Data Security Company Uses Workato Integrations to Grow

Build Workato data integrations Connect to various applications and services Workato development, testing, test support, and UAT support The client wanted to build over 100 Workato data integrations for variou...

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Incepta Solutions at the 90th Business Matchmaking Forum

Matchmaking Forum in Medellin Colombia Toronto, April 19, 2022 – Incepta Solutions participated in the 90th Business Matchmaking Forum in Medellin, Colombia, on March 28th – 29th 2022, the biggest e...

Virtual IoT Device
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How to use Virtual IoT Devices for Integrating IoT Applications

Virtual IoT Devices: Advantages & Applications In this article, you will learn what are Virtual IoT Devices, their advantages, and applications, and how to create & use an IoT Device Simulator using moc...

API-led Integration as a Modern Replacement
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ESB Integration Modern Replacement -API-led Integration

ESB Integration ESB Integration was once the standard. While in the past it was a must-have for any large enterprise, with the rise of Mobile use, Cloud and the Internet of Things, companies are finding out ...

Mulesoft connect webinar
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MuleSoft Connect19: Thoughts and Impressions

MuleSoft Connect19 With the largest MuleSoft connect19 conference of the year coming to a close, there has been some time for us to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of meeting great people and refl...

Mulesoft connect webinar
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MuleSoft Connect19: Day 2

Second Conference Day As the second day of the MuleSoft Connect19 conference is slowly starting, the conference is shifting from a general discussion of a variety of topics to a more focused discussion of An...

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MuleSoft Connect 2019

First Conference Day Hey everyone! As the first day of the Mulesoft Connect 2019 conference is slowly coming to a close, we’re happy to say we’ve had a fantastic time connecting with a lot of you...