IoT integration

Virtual IoT Device
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How to use Virtual IoT Devices for Integrating IoT Applications

Virtual IoT Devices: Advantages & Applications In this article, you will learn what are Virtual IoT Devices, their advantages, and applications, and how to create & use an IoT Device Simulator using moc...

waste management
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Smart Waste Management Using IoT Enabled Bins

Smart Waste Management Using IoT Garbage! You heard it right. At the end of the day, garbage is something we cannot avoid but we can learn to handle and dispose it of responsibly to reduce the environmental imp...

Role of IoT
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IoT in the world of sustainability and smart technology

IoT in Sustainability and Smart Technology The revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) has taken the technology world by storm for many good reasons with its analytics, digitization, and automation capabilitie...

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Redefining Safety & Security Management in the Construction Industry

Redefining the safety and security management  Objective Incepta Solutions helped one of Canada’s largest media and communication service providers connect their smart construction portal with various co...

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Veora – The IoT Solution for Hospitals

Looking for IoT solutions for hospitals? Read to know how Veora can help you design smart hospitals. We are at the juncture of a technological revolution that has put APIs or Application Program Interfaces a...