Incepta Solutions is equipped with the knowledge of leading-edge technologies in the IT industry. We strive towards innovation and excellence through optimized use of technology. From basic web analytics to heavy duty caching architecture, Incepta Solutions has got you covered.

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Technologies that Transform

Incepta offers cross-sector consulting solutions that leverage the power of MuleSoft – the world’s most complete, advanced integration platform.

Incepta – A Certified Automation Anywhere® partner specialized in consulting with companies on identifying areas where RPA implementation can increase efficiency.

Incepta helps organizations in designing and implementing Salesforce® based business solutions. We help businesses re-define customer and partner engagement.

Incepta specializes in creating Workato Recipes by understanding current organizational processes and choosing cloud-apps which are best suited to their needs.
Incepta is one of the leading experts in enabling RPA automation using UIPath. Incepta delivers cutting edge solutions combining technologies like RPA and AI.
Incepta and its experienced Informatica Consultants help organizations plan their data strategy using an automated ETL service for the entire data movement life-cycle.

MLib is Apache Spark’s scalable machine learning library. Incepta specializes in building Spark MLib algorithms in data processing workflows, advanced analytics, stream processing, business intelligence and visual analytics.

Incepta uses TensorFlow to perform  complex number-crunching operations. Incepta believes that TensorFlow is one of the key libraries to tackle complex Machine Learning and distributed processing problems in an enterprise. 

Keras is a high-level neural network API, written in Python, which is commonly used in conjunction with TensorFlow. As a Keras user, Incepta strives to be more productive, by implementing ideas that are faster, which in turn helps in Machine Learning development.

IBM Watson is one of the latest innovations in machine learning. Watson lets you learn more with less data. Incepta specializes in building Watson models from scratch, leveraging their APIs and pre-trained business solutions. Incepta is also a user of an early release of Watson Talent, built for the era of AI to benefit in the hiring process of top talents.

A simple and efficient tool that Incepta uses for data mining and data analysis. Incepta has applied SciKit on projects in the medical and healthcare sector where the Spectral Clustering algorithm has been used to cluster documents. Incepta also uses scikit-learn for prototyping proof of concept models and scales to address common data problems within organizations.

Drupal is an exceptional web content management tool as well as a customizable platform to help build the right tool for delivering content management strategy. Incepta uses Drupal to create real-world enterprise solutions that empower web innovation. For companies that use Drupal, Incepta can create a difference with its years of proven expertise.

Creating Value – Driving Efficiency

The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for rapid business transformation has never been more important than now! We meet clients wherever they are on their paths towards change — in multiple industries and domains — and partner with them to create lasting value.

Customer Success Stories

Customer Story: SmartConnect enablement for an OPD Facility

Read more on how Incepta’s SmartConnect helped enable API led Connectivity between multiple systems and devices at an OPD Facility for a leading healthcare facility in Canada. 

By building an API driven strategy for multi-system connectivity (legacy or otherwise) hospitals can start laying a foundation for data storage, data sharing and analytics of all sensory and application data.

Smart Hospitals – An Insight into Healthcare Infrastructure Automation

The world is turning digital and so are patient experiences. Everyone, from patients to hospitals are using high tech devices in hospital rooms and outpatient units. Patients are using wearable devices, remote monitoring devices and smartphones to be on top of their vitals and medication. Read more on how Infrastructure Connectivity & Automation is transforming the healthcare sector.

Cannabis Selling Platform with Mulesoft API led Connectivity

Incepta investigated the current systems and processes of the organization and designed a Mulesoft API led connectivity tool using the Mulesoft AnyPoint Platform. The solution enabled the company to process new customer orders and returns seamlessly, without any manual intervention. The Incepta team designed the API strategy which included development of a 25 API stack, each working in cohesion to establish a connected business workflow across multiple 3rd party applications.

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