Embracing Future HR Experience at 6th Employee Experience Summit.
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Future of Employee Experience at the 6th EX Summit in Toronto

Insightful Journey into the Future HR Experience!

We recently sponsored the 6th Employee Experience Summit in Toronto along with Workato, an insightful journey into the future of HR. Engaging with HR experts and participating in enlightening sessions, we gained valuable perspectives on intelligent HR automation, evolving Employee Experience, and strategies for thriving workplaces.

The 6th Annual Employee Experience Summit is a Canadian event for HR leaders to learn about the future of work, and best practices, and engage with top experts. The summit featured in-person sessions, interactive workshops, and virtual streaming for an immersive experience.

Day 1: Intelligent HR Automation :

Incepta's panel discussion on "Delight Your Employees with Intelligent HR Automation.

Day 1 commenced with a captivating panel discussion on “Delight Your Employees with Intelligent HR Automation.”Our esteemed speakers, including Chris Quinn, Chief People Officer, Workato, Ishtiaq Ahmed  & CTO, Incepta Solutions, and Chris Darcy, Vice President-Professional Services, Incepta Solutions, shed light on the potential of intelligent automation to align HR goals with organizational objectives. Emphasizing the impact of automation on employee engagement and seamless application integration, the discussions resonated with our vision for the future of HR.

Click here to watch our insightful panel discussion emphasizing the impact of automation on employee engagement and seamless application integration. =>>

An essential takeaway from Day 1 was the significance of streamlining HR processes and systems boosts employee engagement and productivity for a promising HR future.

Day 2: The Future HR Experience :

Day 2 of the summit focused on exploring the “Future HR Experience” in the context of technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence. The discussions revolved around transitioning to a Human-Centric Experience (HCX) and touched upon crucial themes such as talent life cycles, employee purpose, autonomy, and mastery.

The summit also featured sessions on Change Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance, Workspace Design, Employee Health & Wellness, and Workforce Planning. These sessions equipped HR leaders with actionable strategies to create thriving workplaces and cultivate a positive Employee Experience.

Hire2Retire Booth :

We along with Workato presented our revolutionary “Hire2Retire” booth at the summit. The booth showcased an all-in-one enterprise solution that can simplify HR workflows, unlock valuable insights with People Analytics, and streamline organizational processes seamlessly. The booth garnered tremendous interest from attendees, eager to embrace innovative solutions that epitomize the “Future HR Experience.”

The summit deepened our commitment to intelligent HR automation and employee-centric workplaces. Engaging with HR experts and gaining valuable perspectives has strengthened our resolve to embrace the possibilities of the future of HR.

With a clearer vision for the road ahead, we are dedicated to driving positive change in Human Resources. Our “Hire2Retire” booth showcased practical solutions for simplifying HR workflows and unlocking valuable People Analytics insights, reinforcing our dedication to empowering HR leaders for a more efficient and thriving work environment. As we continue on this journey, we aim to build upon the lessons learned at the summit and create an even brighter future for the world of HR.

About the 6th Annual Employee Experience Summit :

The 6th Annual Employee Experience Summit is part of our exclusive series of human resources events. Each conference is dedicated to helping you advance your HR strategies. Leverage the expertise of a community of 10,000+ HR leaders from across North America. Engage with innovators and early adopters of employee experience tools and techniques. Learn more at https://employeeexperiencesummit.ca/

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