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Incepta is a trusted Traceable AI Partner with over 10+ years of experience in the digital transformation and integration space. We work with businesses to build secure integration solutions.


Traceable AI API Security Services

Incepta is your trusted Digital Transformation partner. The Digital Landscape thrives on APIs, connecting applications and data for seamless operations. APIs are the building blocks that enable organizations to connect applications and data sources. However, most APIs are left unsecured and create weak links in your environment that are susceptible to cyber-attacks. We introduced our Traceable AI API Security solutions to address the API Security issues.

Incepta Solutions has partnered with Traceable AI, a leader in API Security. Traceable AI is the only contextually informed solution that powers complete API security, enabling organizations to minimize risk and maximize the value APIs bring to their customers.

Incepta leverages Traceable AI API Security to offer solutions for inventorying APIs, API Security Testing, detecting API threats, protecting against API attacks, and providing remediation solutions so you can support your API Integration with top-notch API Security.


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Traceable AI API Security
Traceable AI API Security Products & Services

To help you protect your data and systems

  • API Discovery

    Catalog and secure APIs across your ecosystem, continuously monitoring data flows and risks as environments change.

  • Attack Prevention

    Inventory every API, including HTTP, RESTful, GraphQL, SOAP, XML-RPC, and gRPC. Detect API threats and prevent attacks.

  • Fraud Detection

    Identify real-time fraud and predict fraudulent activities, proactively safeguarding customer data and preventing losses.

  • Threat Detection

    Deploy behavioral-based models for runtime API threat detection and implement automated systems for blocking and remediation of threats.

  • Security Testing

    Conduct context-aware API security testing pre-production, performing rapid scans with insights for enhanced security.

  • Contextual Security

    Leverage a central repository for all API call data, enabling comprehensive security analysis.

  • Generative AI Guard

    Securely integrate generative AI into applications by safeguarding its APIs.


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Traceable AI API Security
Benefits to bank on

Advantages of Traceable AI API Security Platform

  • Prevent API Attacks

    Incepta protects your environments from API attacks, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations in real-time, safeguarding data.

  • Complete Protection

    Provides a complete API security platform to help enterprises discover, remediate, and test all legacy and modern APIs.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Noname platform provides real-time traffic monitoring using AI and ML-based detection to uncover data and API security attacks.

  • API Security Testing

    Actively test APIs as part of the SDLC to identify issues before production with integrated API-specific testing for CI/CD pipelines.

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Secure your business by working with Incepta

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    Proven Agile Delivery

    Our experienced team creates unique solutions and delivers them within 4 weeks using the Agile delivery in the Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore models.

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    Certified Consultants

    Incepta’s in-house team of 40+ Traceable AI-certified developers and architects is ready to help you at any stage of your project.

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    Comprehensive Services

    Incepta offers a full range of automation services and completes your projects within the timeline and budget to meet your requirements.

Case Studies

Our API Security Success Stories

Incepta at Payments Canada Summit 2024

Incepta’s API security solutions at The Payments Canada Summit 2024! The Payments Canada Summit 2024, held from May 29th to 31st in Toronto, was a whirlwind of innovation and connection for the payments industry. With over 1,800 delegates and more than 300 speakers, the summit provided an unparalleled platform for engagement, learning, and innovation. Incepta […]

Comprehensive API Security Assessment for Fintech Company

Learn how Incepta Solutions can perform API Security Assessment for businesses to identify API security threats and prevent cyber attacks.

Panel Discussion: API Security Risks in Open Banking 

Read key takeaways from the API Security Risks in Open Banking event Incepta hosted on Thursday, 2nd March 2023 along with MuleSoft and Noname Security.

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