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Designing Automated Workflows using UIPath

Incepta is one of the leading experts in enabling RPA automation using UIPath across industries. Incepta’s team of highly experienced consultants can plan and design software robots that integrates seamlessly into the enterprise system, ensuring high scalability and performance. 


Incepta & UIPath 

Incepta is one of the leading experts in enabling RPA automation using UIPath across industries. With its team of highly experienced consultants capable of dealing with specific problems in multiple industry verticals, gives the added advantage of understanding core problems and how new age technologies like RPA and AI can provide a cutting edge solution.


Building your Digital Workforce using UIPath RPA

UIPath is one of the leading platforms in Robotic Process Automation. Like other RPA platforms it is a non-intrusive technology where UIPath Robots sit on desktop computers and can automate tasks like filling up forms, fetching data based on a query or updating other applications through their front-end interfaces.

This greatly reduces the risk and time taken to modify existing applications and can be made operational quickly.

UIPath works on flow-chart and element activities that has to be planned and designed by UIPath Experts by carefully studying the current processes in an organization and identifying specific areas and designing workflows where UIPath robots can be deployed. UIPath provides a mechanism where Robots can be deployed remotely to handle specific tasks independently or work with their human counterparts. This gives the potential for companies to grow their own digital workforce, handling repetitive logic based tasks and letting their human counterparts deal with problems that humans are best at viz: strategy, communication, design, customer relationship etc.

UIPath can be designed to automate different types of task such as:

The opportunities are endless. It only requires in-depth understanding of existing processes and loopholes and identifying niche areas where a RPA driven digital workforce can be implemented.


The Impact RPA driven processes can create?

Cost Effective
It has been estimated that using robotics cuts operational costs by as much as 25-50%. Robots can operate 24/7 and take no vacation, when compared to humans, who work 8/5 and have a pre-fixed number of annual leaves each year.

Accuracy & Quality
RPA offers improved services to processes that have a high probability of human error, thereby increasing accuracy. Robots reduce the cases of re-works and follow all rules to the dot, thereby producing 100% accuracy.

Robotics is a safe, non-invasive technology that doesn’t interfere with the inherent systems and provides perfect consistency in performing the activities across the board, each time and every time.

Improved Analytics
Having access to error free, accurate data from various sources would improve the quality of analytics in the process. This leads to better decision making and betterment of the process execution.

Increased Employee Productivity
RPA ultimately facilitates humans and robots to do just what they excel at. As RPA frees the employees from their mundane tasks, they can focus more on client and customer interaction, relationship management and other such activities where humans naturally excel.

Increased Customer Satistication
Delivering better quality of work with high accuracy and timely customer/client interaction, leads to increased customer and client satisfaction. This only adds to the goodwill of the organization.

As robots are handling the execution here, a larger amount of work can be done in a relatively much shorter period. A faster delivery, coupled with accuracy becomes the norm with automation.

Multi-system Connectivity
RPA makes the tallying of data and information from multiple systems possible which generates information that helps with the integration of processes.

RPA is applicable across industries and has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Any process that is rule based and can be defined and is repeatable makes an ideal automation candidate.

Better IT Support and Management
RPA improves the operational quality of the service desk and monitors the network. This enables companies to handle short term spikes without having to deploy extra resources or provide additional training.

Every industry and organization can adopt a RPA driven digital workforce strategy to automate parts of their processes. Incepta can help organizations understand gaps and deliver an end-to-end RPA strategy with UIPath. To learn more on our technology expertise please read our industry case studies and how it has benefited organizations to optimize their workflow and processes.


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